If you have unique return policies for certain products, you can prompt your customer with a single, customizable question to confirm the product meets return policy guidelines.

For example, if you require that tags remain on an item in order for it to be eligible for return, the Return Policy Enforcer can ask the customer to confirm if the tags have been removed. 

If yes, the item will immediately be marked ineligible for return. 

If no, the item can be submitted normally through the app. 

This is a beta feature that needs to be manually enabled. If you would like to turn this feature on, please contact us at support@loopreturns.com.

Once active in the admin, this feature is named Manual Review.

If you have any questions on the answer above, send us a chat using the icon in the lower right-hand corner. Or if you’d prefer to send an email, contact us at support@loopreturns.com

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