Loop’s Gift Returns feature allows customers to return gifts they received, with or without access to their order number and the shipping zip code. 

To activate Gift Returns 

Gift Returns can be activated from your Loop Settings under Gift Returns

How Gift Returns Work

If the customer (gift recipient) has their order number and zip code

  • The gift recipient is prompted to provide an updated email and shipping address to ensure they receive the return confirmation email and that if there is a new exchange order, it is shipped to the correct address 
  • The gift recipient can exchange their item for a new product or a gift card

If the customer (gift recipient) does not have their order number and/or zip code

  • The gift recipient is prompted to provide additional information, including who gave the gift, describing the gift, if they want an exchange or to return for a gift card, email address for themselves as the gift recipient, the shipping address for themselves as the gift recipient, and an open field for notes 
  • Information collected is sent to your team via email. With that, the CX team should have everything needed to identify the order in Shopify. The email address this information goes to is configured from your Loop settings under Gift Returns 

Once your team identifies the order number and zip code in Shopify, they can reply to the email and provide both to the gift recipient. This allows them to go through the gift flow for gift recipients who have the order number and zip code 

Your team will also have the information to initiate an exchange or return for a gift card on the customer’s behalf if desired 

Gift Returns in the Loop Admin 

Gift returns will always by accompanied by a gift icon in the admin 

A few highlights—

  • If the gift recipient exchanges for a new item and wants to initiate another exchange the will be able to do so. If you do not allow exchanges of exchanges they will only be offered a gift card as an option
  • Gift recipients cannot request a refund to the original payment method in the gift returns flow, this is disabled
  • If you would like to share a dedicated Gift URL when responding to gift recipients, your gift experience will be hosted at ~/#/gift e.g. standardwear.loopreturns.com/#/gift 

Questions or feedback? Let us know by contacting Support@LoopReturns.com

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