To automatically generate return shipping labels for your customers, follow these steps: 


  1. Create an EasyPost account
  2. Once logged in to EasyPost, click your email address in the upper-left corner to access the menu
  3. Visit Billing to connect a payment method 
  4. Visit Carrier Accounts to connect your preferred carriers
  5. Visit API Keys and copy the Production API Key 

Loop Admin

  1. Activate "Create Return Labels" in Settings
  2. Paste your EasyPost Production API Key into your Loop Admin
  3. Set your Product Weight Default; this value is only used if a product does not have a weight listed in Shopify
  4. Set your Box Weight; this value adds the weight of your standard shipping box to the weight of the products returned


FedEx requires all of its customers to go through a certification process before creating production labels. This process can take a few days, so if you aren’t certified yet, we recommend starting the process as soon as possible. 

EasyPost can help facilitate this process, email them at with the subject line: FedEx Certification Process. Make sure to include the name, number, email, and carrier account ID associated with your FedEx account. 

Time to become certified: instant if you’re already web-service certified, a couple days if not. 

You have the option to charge your customers for the cost of shipping by adding a Handling Fee.  

Note: To incentivize exchanges and gift cards, Loop only charges this fee on credit card refunds.

Additional Information
The cost of your return shipping label is set by your preferred shipping carrier and the weight of your package. As soon as the label is generated through EasyPost and given to your customer, your account is billed.

If you'd like to cancel a label and request refund, you can do so under Billing on the EasyPost website. 

If you have a preferred carrier, EasyPost will integrate with the carrier directly and honor your discounted shipping rates.

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