To automatically process refunds and exchanges in Shopify, follow these steps: 

  1. Activate EasyPost return shipping labels

2. Activate Gift Card automation

3. Select your Processing Event settings

EasyPost Return Shipping Label
The return shipping label is scanned by your carrier through each stage of transit, updating the tracking information. This tracking information is pushed directly to Loop and can be used to trigger automatic processing of refunds and exchanges in Shopify.

Processing Event Setting
The Processing Event determines when a return request is sent to Shopify and can be configured in Settings. Any of the following events can trigger automatic processing:

Immediate — return requests are processed as soon they're submitted

Pre Transit — return requests are processed when the tracking number is created, typically 12-48 hours after being submitted

In Transit — return requests are processed when the package is dropped off by the customer and scanned by the shipping carrier

Out for Delivery — return requests are processed when the package is scanned onto the truck for delivery

Delivered — return requests are processed when the package arrives at your store or warehouse

Disabled — automatic processing is turned off

Optional: Auto-Refund Setting

With Auto-Refund ON, the app will automatically issue a refund to your customer's original payment method in Shopify, after the processing event. 

With Auto-Refund OFF, you can process returns in the Loop Admin but the app will not issue a refund. In this scenario, you will need to issue refunds manually through Shopify or a third-party system.

To adjust the Auto-Refund setting, please contact our support team.

Additional Information
The processing event can be triggered manually within the Loop admin panel by clicking the green "Process Return" button.

By fully automating returns you can significantly reduce your customer support time and keep customers happy by resolving return requests quickly.

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