To test your app, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Create an order in Shopify

  1. Select 1-2 items from your store; if testing exchanges, be sure to include an item with variants
  2. Add a customer to the order
  3. Discount the order to $0.01
  4. Mark the order paid
  5. Fulfill the order
  6. Copy the Order Number and Shipping Zip Code

Step 2: Submit a return request in your Customer Portal

  1. Visit your Customer Portal
  2. Enter the Order Number and Shipping Zip Code
  3. Chose exchange to swap an item for any new variant in stock
  4. Chose return to request a refund to gift card or original payment method
  5. Submit the return request

If you've activated return labels, you'll be provided with a link to download the return label on the confirmation screen. If not, you'll be instructed to send back the return to the return address. 

If you've request a gift card refund, you must first activate gift card automation to process the refund in your Loop Admin.

Step 3: Process the return request in your Loop Admin

  1. Visit your Loop Admin
  2. View the return request
  3. Confirm line items and return detail
  4. Click "Process Return"

If you plan to automatically process returns, you must first activate automated processing events. This will use the return shipping label to automatically trigger refunds and exchange orders in Shopify. 

If you plan to process returns manually, simply use the "Process Return" button.

Step 4: Review actions in Shopify

Loop takes the following actions when processing a return: 

  1. Refund: issued to original payment method
  2. Refund: issued to gift card code
  3. Exchange: new order placed using order prefix 

Loop also takes administrative action for record-keeping:

  1. Note added to original order 
  2. Note added to exchange order
  3. Tag added to original order 

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