Setting custom return windows is the most effective way to influence returns or exchanges within the app.  When an item has passed the return window, your app will mark it ineligible and the customer will not be able to submit a return.

There are three return windows you can edit in your Admin

  1. Exchange 
  2. Refund
  3. Gift Card

In most cases, it is best to offer a return policy that gives the customer more time when requesting exchanges and gift cards, and less time on refunds.

For example:
45-day exchange window
45-day gift card window
30-day refund window

It can also be effective to shorten your return windows, while still incentivizing exchanges and gift cards. 

For example:
30-day exchange window
30-day gift card window
7-day refund window

Whatever you find is best for you, be sure to clearly state your return policies to keep your customers in the know.

For information on allowing customers to return items beyond the return window, see our help article on Whitelisting.

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