The "Final Sale" and "Exchange Only" tags let you control which items are eligible to be returned in the Loop app. 

Final Sale
When the "Final Sale" tag is applied to an item, it cannot be sent back using the portal for any reason. It will be marked 'Ineligible'. 

Exchange Only
The "Exchange Only" tag allows an item to be exchanged only for a new variant of the same product, for example: color and size. It does not allow an exchange for other product IDs. 


In order for the "Final Sale" and "Exchange Only" tags to function correctly, the tags must be applied to items in Shopify before orders are placed on your website. 

When the order is placed, the tags [or absence of tags] are linked to the order within Loop, indefinitely. 

This feature allows you to run a Flash Sale, or other type of promotion, where items ordered only during a specific time frame are marked "Final Sale" or "Exchange Only".

To set your "Final Sale" and "Exchange Only" tags, visit Settings in your Admin panel. 

The text that you add into these fields must match the tags applied in Shopify exactly. They are case-sensitive and respond to both spaces and punctuation. 

Additional Information
In addition to the product tag functionality in your admin, you can use line item properties to denote final sale or exchange only. If you are a Shopify Plus customer and use scripts to apply line item properties to orders, you have access to apply final sale or exchange only logic to a specific line item.

This feature come in handy if you’d like a certain product or SKU to be final sale, but only under certain conditions.

See more information on blacklisting orders and items in bulk


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