Loop sends two emails to your customers: 

  1. Return Confirmation Email
  2. Out-of-Stock Notification Email 

Return Confirmation Email
The return confirmation email is sent to your customer the moment they submit their return through the app. 

This email contains a copy of the return shipping label and instructions on how to ship their return back to you.

Out-of-Stock Notification Email
The out-of-stock notification email is sent when customers have placed an exchange order, but the exchange item is no longer in stock. 

Although rare, this happen occasionally when the customer is delayed putting their return package in the mail. 

This email contains an image of the item and a note directing the customer to visit the website to find a replacement. If the customer has any questions, they are asked to reach out to your support team directly. 

Additional Information
Emails used during the return process are designed to keep your customers informed and communicate necessary information. 

These emails are sent by Loop, but use your brand's contact information. The email sender name and reply-to address can be changed at any time under Customizations in your Loop Admin.

If you have any questions on the answer above, send us a chat using the icon in the lower right-hand corner. Or if you’d prefer to send an email, contact us at support@loopreturns.com

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