Line Item Properties + Product Tags

Loop applies final sale and exchange only return rules on the line item through two means:

  • Product tags
  • Line item properties
Product tags enable a merchant to unconditionally apply final sale and exchange only logic on line items. Configure any final sale and exchange only strings in the Loop Admin, under Settings, and add that string as a tag to the corresponding products in Shopify. Any product tags that are in place at the time of order will be honored, even if the tag is later removed from the product. 
When final sale and exchange only logic needs to be applied dynamically, line item properties can be used. Use scripts to apply properties to line items. 
You can learn more about line item properties in Shopify here.
The following name/value pairs should be used:

Final Sale

  • name: LPROP
  • value: Final Sale (match value to string set in Loop Admin)

Exchange Only

  • name: LPROP
  • value: Exchange Only (match value to string set in Loop Admin)

Note: If you'd like to hide the property name from the customer, Loop accommodates the Shopify underscore convention on the property name. (e.g. use name: _LPROP, value: Final Sale)