Return Reasons by Product Type


Return Reasons by Product Type allows merchants to display different sets of return reasons based on the type of product the customer is returning. This feature is available to all Loop merchants across each tier.  

This article will cover:

  • How It Works
  • Setting up Return Reasons by Product Type

How It Works

When this feature is set up, customers will receive different return reasons for each of their product types. The example below shows watches vs. sunglasses.

Setting Up Return Reasons by Product Type

The reason groups you set up will be based on Product Types you've defined in Shopify. 

Step 1: Add product types to your products within Shopify

  1. Navigate to your Shopify Admin
  2. Select Products 
  3. Select any product
  4. Under Organization, you'll see Product Type
    1. You can add products to an existing Product Type or create a new one
  5. Once product types have been set in Shopify, the rest of the process takes place in the Loop Admin
Note: If you are already using product types in Shopify, feel free to skip this step. If you are not, confirm with your Shopify site administrator that doing so will not impact any other integrations your store has set up.

Step 2: Edit All return reasons

  1. Navigate to Settings > Reasons > Return reasons in the Loop Admin
  2. Add, delete, re-organize all return reasons to suit your brand voice and product types
    1. To set up a child reason, select the drop-down, then select Add return reason
  3. We've pre-populated a few return reasons for you, but feel free to delete these and add your own
  4. If you'd like to enable comments, select the checkbox and select optional or required
    1. Comments are not available on the parent-level when a child-level reason has been added
  5. Select Save
Note: For more information about Return Reasons, visit this Return Reason Overview article.

Step 3: Create Reason Groups

  1. Select Create new group
  2. Add Title and the Product Types you want to receive these reasons
  3. Add all applicable Return reasons
  4. Select Save


Where can I enable comments for my customers? Comments can be enabled as the last step of the reasons flow. This means they can only be turned on for the child-level reason if it exists, by selecting the checkbox and choosing optional or required.

Why would I randomize the order of my reasons? When enabled, return reasons will show up in a new order each time for customers. This helps mix up answers for customers who may not always read reasons and click through them quickly. 

Why are my return reasons not showing up? If you have recently edited your return reasons library, we recommend going back into your Reason Groups to ensure all reasons have then been added to the groups of your choice. 

Is there a limit to the number of return reasons I can add? Nope! Add as many as you'd like! 

Please reach out to with any additional questions.