Loop Analytics


Reports from Loop are found on your Analytics page within the admin. This article will walk you through what insights and reports you can access, in addition to viewing your reports.


The Insights dashboard provides you with an overview of your returns breakdown, over a period of time of your choice. This can be filtered by Returns Submitted and Returns Processed. 

  • Returns submitted includes all return requests - those that are open, closed, expired and cancelled
  • Returns processed includes only closed returns - excludes open, cancelled and expired returns

How to interpret insights:

  • The dollar amounts under each outcome on the graph represent the value of the items returned for that outcome in a given period 
    • If you have Shop Now enabled, the green amount represents the amount of upsell revenue captured
  • The returns breakdown details the percentage of items returned for each outcome


Reports are divided into four different categories (Return Reasons, Return Transactions, Warehouse and Revenue Reports) to help you understand and support your business. 

Note: Revenue Reports are only available to users with Revenue Report permissions turned on.

Return Reasons

Make business decisions by understanding why items are being returned.

Return Reasons by Product View return reasons grouped by Product ID
Return Reasons by SKU View return reasons grouped by SKU
Return Reasons by Line Items View all return reasons

Return Transactions

Gain insight by understanding how returns affect your finances.

Returned Items
Returns Item View all returned items
Exchanges New Item
View all exchange orders
Return Totals Return and Exchange Totals View accounting details for all return transactions
Refunds Refunds
View all refund transactions
Store Credit Gift Cards View all store credit transactions
New Revenue Stripe Revenue
View all Stripe transactions via ShopNow
N/A Return, Exchange and Refund Items



Improve your warehouse operations by increasing visibility to items being returned.

View all returned data with tracking information

Revenue Reports

Revenue Reports automatically reconcile Shopify sales data with Loop returns data, providing you with accurate Net Sales.

Sales Over Time View total sales within a time period  
Sales by Product View total sales by product title and type  
Sales by Product Variant View total sales by product title and variant  
Sales by Product Type View total sales by product type

Viewing Reports

You have the ability to view any report directly within Loop. If you need to export any CSV: 

  • Set the date range of your choice
  • Select Export
  • You will be able to view the file under Analytics > Export


How can I have the warehouse ASN report automatically sent to my warehouse? This is a Plus plan feature that requires an integration with API access. Please contact your Onboarding/Account Manager or support@loopreturns.com if this is something you're interested in.

Why isn't my report loading? Reports will fail to load if the data set is too large. If you encounter this issue, please narrow the date range and try again. If you have narrowed the date range and the report is still failing to generate, please contact support@loopreturns.com. 

Please reach out to support@loopreturns.com with any additional questions ?