EasyPost Fee Structure

**Please note, EasyPost Fees are subject to change (last updated 7.30.2020)


Typically, Easypost charges a $.05 for each label fee past 5000 labels each month (this is considered a label β€œoverage” fee). This fee is waived for Loop Users!

No fees will be charged to Loop users for generating or tracking EasyPost labels, however EasyPost will charge fees in the scenarios described below.

Recharging Your Account


EasyPost pulls funds from a balance you set up in EasyPost's Billing Section to pay for labels and other EasyPost services.Your recharge amount is the amount of money you'd like to reinsert into your balance from your account or credit card. 

For example, if your recharge threshold is $300 and your recharge amount is $1,000, your account will be replenished by $1,000 any time your balance falls below $300. 

Non-USPS Carriers

If you use a carrier other than USPS to generate labels, you will be billed for return labels by the carrier directly. If you have any questions about billing, please contact your carrier's support team or your carrier representative.

Credit Card Convenience Fee

While EasyPost offers free Bank Account transfers, a 3% convenience fee will be applied for Credit Card transactions and be deducted from your recharge amount. If you’re using a credit card, a $1000 recharge amount will appear as $970 in your account.

EasyPost + External Labels

Pre-printed labels and other labels not generated by EasyPost are subject to an overage fee charged by EasyPost. These fees are:

United States Labels

  • $.05 per label to track status
  •  $.01 per label to verify the address

International Labels

  • $.05 per label to track status
  •  $.03 per label to verify the address

Label Billing Types

Pre-paid labels

The majority of carriers support pre-paid labels. In these scenarios, the label cost will be deducted from your EasyPost balance automatically when the label is generated. You can find this cost on the Return Details page associated with the return.

When leveraging pre-paid labels, proper product weights in Shopify and accurate averages for your Box Weight Default and Product Weight Defaults are critical to ensure you do not overpay for labels and that the customer is not turned away or charged when they attempt to drop off the package. 

Bill-On-Scan Labels

Some carriers support bill-on-scan labels. These labels are typically charged from accounts outside of EasyPost, however, EasyPost does still require billing to be configured and minimal fees will be applied based on your agreement. 

Bill-On-Scan Carriers

The following carriers offer bill-on-scan labels:

  • FedEx SmartPost
  • DHL eCommerce
  • USPS Scan Based Returns


My carrier is not listed as a bill-on-scan carrier, is this something I can do?
The list above notes bill-on-scan carriers Loop has worked with in the past, we recommend checking with your carrier to determine if this is a service they provide.

What happens when packages is are overweight? 
It is up to the discretion of the carrier. 

USPS will automatically bill your EasyPost for the difference between what was originally paid and the actual cost of the label. 

Whenever there are adjustments from USPS, EasyPost will automatically send a webhook event for each shipment to notify users that adjustments have been made on your account. You can then generate a shipment_invoice report via API which will contain all the adjustments during the timeframe specified. 

Regarding other carriers, customers may have to pay the difference at drop-off. If you would like to be billed for the difference instead, we recommend contacting the carrier directly to evaluate options.  

If you have any questions about how Loop calculates package weight, we recommend reviewing the Weight section of the General Return Policy Settings article. 

Can I just get billed for labels through my 3PL instead of setting up EasyPost billing? 

Unfortunately, not at this time. EasyPost Billing needs to be setup to cover any minimal fees and if using USPS to cover label costs.

Can I get an invoice from EasyPost instead of setting up billing? 

Unfortunately, not at this time. EasyPost Billing requires that a card or bank account be on file for label costs and fees.

I don't have a bank account I can use, but do not want to incur a 3% convenience fee to use my credit card to recharge my account, is there another option?

EasyPost offers wire transfer billing that does not incur the 3% fee. Please contact AR@easypost.com for more information.

Please reach out to support@loopreturns.com with any additional questions.

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