ShipBob Integration


The integration between ShipBob and Loop is a one-way integration that creates a Warehouse Receiving Order or RMA within ShipBob when a return is initiated through Loop.

Loop built and maintains this integration, so it requires no development work on the end of the merchant.

How it works

This integration leverages Loop’s Warehouse API to pull ASN data on a recurring basis, using it to create RMAs in ShipBob. When items return to the warehouse, the integration again leverages the Warehouse API to trigger a process or flag the return in Loop.

Qualifications for the Integration:

  • This integration is available on our Plus plan with API access or Add-on Integrations
  • SKU and Name of the product must be the same in Loop as in ShipBob's system
  • Loop has built and maintains this integration, which means no developer work is needed on the merchant's end
Note: ShipBob will NOT process any inbound shipments until the Warehouse Receiving Order (WRO) has been created and fully submitted

Returns Workflow

  1. Customer submits return to Loop, firing return.create webhook (see payload)
  2. WRO is created in ShipBob with data from webhook


How long will it take to set up this integration? Implementation and maintenance is handled by Loop, with collaboration from ShipBob. The timeline is approximately 2 weeks from kickoff with Loop.

Will I need a developer involved to complete this integration? Not at all! Loop & ShipBob will take care of this integration for you.

How do I get started? To begin the integration process, please contact or your Onboarding/Account Manager

If you leverage ShipBob for your returns, your Destinations must be set up in the following format:

Name: [Merchant Name], ATTN: Returns
Address 1: [Street address]
Address 2: Door 1
City, State, Zip: [City, State, Zip]

Feel free to reach out to if you have any additional questions.