Whiplash Integration


The integration between Whiplash and Loop is a two-way integration, responsible for performing two primary actions:

  1. Creates returns within Whiplash when a return is initiated through Loop
  2. Process or flag a return within Loop based on items received by Whiplash

How it works

This integration creates RMAs within Whiplash each time a return is initiated, and takes action within Loop (process or flag) upon item receipt by Whiplash. When items return to the warehouse, Whiplash sends Loop line item level information from which Loop triggers a process or flag event.

Qualifications for the Integration:

  • This integration is available on our Plus plan with API access or Add-on Integrations 
  • Loop has built and maintains this integration, which means no developer work is needed on the merchant's end
  • This particular piece of middleware contains two flows from Loop → Whiplash to ensure all returns are captured and created 
    • Primary - webhook driven to create returns immediately following “pre_transit” label status
    • Backup - performing an ASN pull 1x/day and scanning for any returns not captured from the previous day, this flow acts as a backup to the primary

Returns Workflow

  1. Customer submits return to Loop
  2. Return label hits “pre_transit” status, firing webhook
  3. Return is created in Whiplash with data from webhook
  4. Whiplash receives return package, generates item receipt and fires webhook to Loop
  5. Loop pulls item receipt from Whiplash and compares items against RMA
  6. Return is automatically Processed or Flagged based on receipt and merchant criteria
    • Expected items, condition, etc. 
  7. Return is complete 


How long will it take to set up this integration? Implementation and maintenance is handled by Loop, with collaboration from Whiplash. The timeline is approximately 2 weeks from kickoff with Loop.

Will I need a developer involved to complete this integration? Not at all! Loop & Whiplash will take care of this integration for you.

How do I get started? To begin the integration process, please contact integrations@loopreturns.com or your Onboarding/Account Manager.

Feel free to reach out to integrations@loopreturns.com if you have any additional questions.