Printerless Returns with FedEx


Printerless Returns improves your experience by allowing customers to ship FedEx returns without a printer. Unlike other solutions, your customers will receive their shipping label in a QR code, not a PDF, and are eligible to drop off their return to more than 11,000+ FedEx Office and Walgreens locations across the United States.

This feature is available to brands in the United States on Loop Pro and Plus tiers that are using FedEx as a returns carrier within EasyPost. 

Please reach out to if you are interested in enabling this feature for your customers.

Customer Experience

If FedEx Printerless Returns is enabled, once a customer has processed their return, their return confirmation page and return status page linked in their return confirmation email will contain a QR code in addition to a link to print the label. There will be instructions stating that they don't need to print a label and can show the QR code at eligible FedEx Office and Walgreens locations with a link to find an eligible drop-off location near them.

Loop Admin

Your Customer Experience team will be able to see if a customer was shown a QR code and if they clicked on the print label to infer what experience the customer chose. This is located under the Email Shipping Label button on the return detail page. 

For example, if the EasyPost shipment status shows as delivered and the customer was shown the QR code and did not use print label, it's safe to infer that they used the QR code for their return.


What if I use FedEx and another carrier? 

Loop will continue to automatically rate shop between the two carriers to determine which carrier generates a label for that customer. The Printerless Returns QR Code will only appear for a customer if FedEx is used as a carrier for their label. 

Are there any other carriers the support printerless returns with Loop?

Unfortunately, this functionality is only offered to merchants that utilize Fedex. 

Please reach out to with any additional questions

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