Rise.ai Integration


Rise.ai helps merchants retain revenue and inspire future purchases by improving the Shopify gift card experience by tracking all store credit requests on a single Rise.ai gift card code.

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IMPORTANT: To complete the Rise x Loop integration, you must contact us at support@loopreturns.com so we can disable Shopify's native gift card functionality. 

If you do not reach out to us and follow the instructions to set up Rise.ai Gift Cards, you could be issuing the customer store credit twice (once in Rise.ai and once in Shopify).

How it works

This integration leverages Loop's webhooks to enable your customers to receive store credit upon a processed return request. This store credit is held in customers' Rise loyalty card along with already accumulated store credit.

For every returned order, customers increase the store credit balance in their digital wallet that can be tracked and redeemed on their account page. 


  1. Go to your Shopify admin > Apps > open Rise and Loop
  2. On your Rise dashboard, go to the integrations page and activate the Loop integration. When you click on the toggle, a pop-up will appear (see screenshot below):

2. Click Copy Webhook Callback

3. Go to the Loop admin > Settings > Developers (see below):

4. On the Developers page > Click Create Webhook and a pop-up will appear

5. In the Event box, select Return close

6. In the URL box, paste the Webhook Callback you copied in Step 2 above.

7. Then click Add

8. Copy the Webhook secret code (as seen below)

9. Return to the Rise dashboard > paste the Webhook secret in the Insert webhook secret box (see below):

10. Click Continue to Loop so you see this pop-up:

11. Return to Loop > Click Return closed > Activate > Save

When the technical set up is complete, you will now see that the integration status is "Active" in the Loop Developers Tab: 

13. IMPORTANT FINAL STEP: Please reach out to Loop Support or your Loop Onboarding Manager to confirm that these steps are complete. We will then make sure to disable Loop's native store credit function (so that your customers only receive the Rise gift card).

The Customer Experience

  1. The customer will access your Returns Portal and begin submitting their Return for Store Credit
  2. The customer will select the item(s) for return, submit their return reasons, and eventually land on the screen in which they can choose Store Credit as their outcome:

5. When the customer selects Store Credit, the Rise Refund email will be triggered. 

Merchants can customize this email from the Rise dashboard > Email Builder > Refund email.

Accessing Store Credit Information 

  • View the details of the Loop return in your Rise dashboard > Customers
  • The Source of their store credit will appear as Loop Return


What plan do I need to be on to utilize this feature? This feature is included for merchants with Loop Plus or the Integrations add on. If you are not on one of these plans and would like to add this feature reach out to your Merchant Success Manager or support@loopreturns.com. Merchants will also need to be on Rise's Premium Plans and above.

Will this integration use Loop's Gift Card automation functionality? No, the Rise.ai integration replaces Loop's Gift Card automation flow. 

What happens if the customer has an account, or has returned other items previously using the same email address? Will they receive a new gift card code? No, if their email is already in the Rise.ai system, their store credit will be added to their existing loyalty card. 

Is this integration available on all Rise.ai plans? No, you must be on Loop Plus or have the Integrations add-on and Rise.ai's Premium Plans and above. Please reach out to your Rise.ai representative if you are interested in moving plans.  

Where can I get in contact with someone to see if the Rise.ai Integration is available with my current Loop plan? This integration is available on Loop Plus. Contact us at support@loopreturns.com if you have any questions! 

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