Loop Billing


Your designated billing contact can access the customer billing portal in the Loop Admin under  Settings > Billing where they can: 

  • Update billing contact information
  • Update payment methods
  • View or download invoices

The green Billing tile in the Loop admin, which directs to the Loop <> Ordway customer billing portal, will only be visible if billing permissions have been enabled by a Loop administrator. Our Operations team has activated billing permissions for current billing contact(s) for your account. If you would like to add a new user with billing permissions, please contact your Merchant Success Manager or support@loopreturns.com

Update Billing Payment Methods

From Settings > Billing in your Loop admin, click the green tile:

In the Billing portal, navigate to the top right hand corner Account icon and select My account:

In the bottom right-hand corner, select Add payment method:

You can choose to add a debit/credit card or ACH banking transfer information:

Whichever method you choose, be sure to toggle on “Set as default” at the very bottom to ensure this carries over to our billing system.

If you have any issues, reach out to support@loopreturns.com.

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