Cycleon Shipping Service


Cycleon is a shipping service that specializes in international returns support. Cycleon unlocks the ability for you to better serve your international markets (specifically the EU). With this integration to Loop, you can leverage Cycleon's robust carrier networks and warehouse presence in the countries that you are selling to, meaning more convenient carriers & drop-off locations plus shorter return cycles.

How it works

This integration requires an existing agreement with Cycleon.

Loop's integration with Cycleon can be simplified as the following:

  • Loop handles everything before a package is dropped off
  • Cycleon handles everything after a package is dropped off
    • Consolidation, Quality Control, etc.

Returns Workflow

  1. Customer submits a return through Loop, Cycleon sends label and tracking information to Loop
  2. Loop shows label to customer on the Return Status Page and return is routed to Cycleon warehouses
  3. Cycleon performs services based on predefined contract with merchant
  4. Loop processes return based on merchant settings (auto or manual)
  5. Cycleon ships consolidated product back to merchant

Qualifications for the Integration:

  • This integration is available on our Plus plan with API access or with the Integrations add-on
  • Merchant must have an agreement in place with Cycleon

Connecting Cycleon

For instructions on how to connect Cycleon to Loop, please consult Multiple Shipping Services.


Why can't I set carriers in our Loop admin? Your agreement with Cycleon includes alignment on which carriers you will use per region. When Loop calls Cycleon for a label, all of the carrier selection and rate shopping is done on the Cycleon side per the pre-arranged structure with you and Cycleon.

Why doesn't the tracking page link work from the Loop admin? Currently, Cycleon does not provide a URL for tracking. As such, the link in the admin is deactivated. Your customer and/or support team must visit the carrier website and track using the tracking number.

Can I use automated processing events with Cycleon? Yes, you can use Loop's automated processing based on label status.

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