Loop integrates with tons of tools to make returns automation easier than ever. You can see the full list of available integrations on the integrations page of the Loop website. You can find the integrations tab for your Loop instance under the Settings section in the Loop admin.

When navigating the tab there are a couple of things to note:

  • Available Integrations - The collection of integrations you’ve added to your account. Your team is able to toggle any and all integrations on and off once added.
  • Other Integrations - The collection of potential integrations your team could add when needed. Contact us when it’s time to add new integrations and we’ll work together to get you set up.

Plugging in any number of the possible integrations available will help your team customize your Loop experience and the experience you offer your customers. 

To check to see certain Integrations are included in your plan, please review the Pricing page on the Loop Returns website. If you're interested in this adding this feature, please contact your Merchant Success Manager or

Please reach out to or your Onboarding/Account Manager if you have any other questions.

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