Ship by Loop (Closed Beta)


Ship by Loop (SBL) is a zero maintenance shipping service by Loop for all domestic, international, and cross-border returns. Ship by Loop is the preferred shipping service for Loop merchants as it takes away the hassle of negotiating with carriers for shipping costs, carrier onboarding, separate billing accounts per shipping provider, and going through the long escalation process for any technical support on troubleshooting shipping labels errors. 

In this article: 

  • Why Ship by Loop
  • Enabling Ship By Loop
  • Negotiated Shipping Costs
  • Pay As You Go Billing
  • Dedicated Support
  • FAQs

Why Ship by Loop?

  • Getting started with SBL is as simple as toggling a button 'ON' in your Loop Admin 
  • Merchants are in full control of which shipping carriers they would like to use and can turn a shipping carrier on/off at anytime

Enabling Ship by Loop

Ship by Loop must be configured as a shipping service first and then connected to your return policy.

To enable Ship by Loop as a service:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Shipping in your Loop admin
  2. Under Shipping Services, click 'Connect a shipping service' 
  3. Select Ship By Loop, then click Connect
  4. Turn on/off the carriers you wish to use

Then, enable Ship by Loop for a return policy:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Return Policies
  2. Click on return policy
  3. Scroll down to Shipping Services, push manage shipping services and select Ship by Loop
  4. Save 

Negotiated Shipping Costs

With SBL, merchants gain access to lower shipping rates negotiated through Loop's volume buying power. We pass along those volume discounts to our merchants so they get cheaper shipping labels. Discounted rates are available on domestic, international as well as cross border returns. Loop merchants can expect to save up to Z% compared to standard rates offered by the same carriers.

Pay As You Go Billing

Loop merchants get one simple and easy to understand invoice for all of their shipping labels, regardless of which carriers they use. Merchants will not need to add any billing credits ahead of time and will only be required to pay at the end of the day, in a single bill. Every Loop merchant is already set up and ready to go, so there's no additional set up fees required. 

Dedicated Support 

Should you need any help with shipping labels, simply reach out to us and we'll take it from there. No more getting your support teams' valuable time wrapped up in talking to various carriers troubleshooting label errors. We proactively monitor every carrier and will notify you of any incidents reported by the carriers. When necessary, we'll triage and work with the carriers to address issues directly.


Is Ship by Loop a Shipping Carrier? Would Loop be delivering my packages? No, Ship by Loop is a service that integrates with shipping carriers. Ship by Loop takes away all the complexities from label shopping across multiple carriers, rates comparison and label generation process across shipping carriers for Loop customers. Additionally, any technical support for label errors, billing issues and other asks around label generation will be directly handled by Loop so you have one single place for all your return shipping related questions.

cWhich carriers are included in Ship by Loop? We currently support USPS. We're adding more carriers every week and expanding to all major carriers starting with the U.S. and then expanding internationally over the coming months.

I've got return automation setup that uses tracking/processing events, will I need to change this? All your processing events and automation will work as-is with Ship by Loop. You won't need to make any changes for migrating to Ship by Loop.

I currently use EasyPost, can I easily switch to Ship by Loop? Yes! Simply enable Ship by Loop from Shipping → Ship by Loop (turn toggle on). Then go to Return Policies → Select the desired policy → Edit → Select Ship by Loop as the provider for that policy. That's it, now all returns using that policy will use Ship by Loop.

Can I easily switch back to EasyPost if I don't want to continue using Ship by Loop? If you haven't removed your existing EasyPost integration from your Loop Admin, switching back is simple as updating the shipping provider in your return policy from Ship by Loop to EasyPost. Assuming your payment method with EasyPost is still valid, you should be all set to generate labels again using EasyPost. If you've removed EasyPost from your Loop Admin, you'll need to set up EasyPost again as described here and then update the shipping provider in your return policy from Ship by Loop to EasyPost.

Some of the carriers I use on EasyPost are not supported on Ship by Loop, can I use both EP and SBL together? At this time, you cannot use both EasyPost and Ship by Loop at the same time. We do plan to support this use case in the near future. SBL currently supports USPS and we're adding new carriers quickly! We'll support all major U.S. carriers, including return methods such as drop offs and home pick ups as well as international carriers and cross border shipping. You'll see new carriers getting added throughout this year and beyond to give you complete flexibility for carrier selection as well lower shipping costs.

If I switch to SBL and it doesn't support a carrier/country I need, will Loop fallback to EasyPost? At this time, there is no fallback and you'll need to manually generate label for these edge cases.

How does billing work with Ship by Loop? 

Loop will invoice your account at three internals:

  • Daily: new shipping labels
  • Weekly: weight surcharges
  • Monthly: adjustments based on reconciliation

Note: You don't need to add any billing credits and will only be charged for the labels you generate, at the cadence described above. In order to use Ship by Loop, Loop requires that you add an ACH payment method.

How do refunds/adjustments work? If a label is undercharged (e.g. customer used a bigger box than the original item but label was calculated based on the original dimensions) or overcharged (e.g. actual weight was smaller than the reported weight) those adjustments would be made on a monthly basis and debited/credit back from your account by Loop.

What do I do if a customer reaches out to me about a failed label or stuck shipment? Reach out to the Loop support team and we'll be happy to look into that for you.

What are your uptimes? We're targeting a +99.9% uptime for the label generation.

Do I get any reports for my shipment label data? You'll be set up with an access to our billing partner, Ordway Labs. Through Ordway, you will be able to see a detailed itemized invoice with tracking numbers and associated cost with each label.

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