Browser Push Notifications


When leveraging Loop push notifications, merchants can be immediately notified for all returns requiring manual review via Chrome or Firefox notifications. You don’t need to be logged in to Loop to receive these notifications and you can register as many devices as you'd like and get notified on all of your devices.

In this article, you'll learn about:  

  • How to enable push notifications
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Enabling Push Notifications

  1. Visit the new 'Preferences' tab in your Loop admin & toggle on the push notification setting
  2. Ensure notifications are allowed in your browser. This setting can be in a few different places and depends on the browser      
    1. Note: All browser changes require will require refresh.
  3. All set! Loop push notifications are now registered to your device's browser.


Can this be supported on other browsers? This feature is only supported on Firefox and Chrome at this time.

Do mobile devices work as well? At this time, Android devices are supported with this setting.

Can my support team use this? Yes! Notifications are registered by device so if a user opts in on their work device, their mobile device or home device would not receive notifications.

How do I un-register my device? To unregister, you will need to disable the notifications toggle in your Loop admin.

Can I limit how many notifications I get? No, all flagged returns or returns in a review state will send a browser notification.

Can I filter notifications by product type/tag etc? At this time, you cannot filter notifications.

Is there a disable the notifications for a certain time period, eg: snoozing? This is a setting Chrome might be adding in the near future, but it is dependent by the browser.

I accidentally denied the permission to the notification pop up, how can I change that? Look for the 'lock icon' near the URL in your browser. Uou can change the preferences of blocked sites through the browser settings.

For additional questions or to enable this feature, please contact 

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