Happy Returns & Loop Partnership

Loop and Happy Returns, a UPS company have joined forces to offer your customers the best end to end return experience the market has to offer. By utilizing this integration, your customers will have access to utilize over 10,000+ Happy Returns Bars while you continue to reduce refund rate and leverage Loop’s digital customer experience.

In this article:

  • Customer Experience
  • Merchant Experience
  • Tracking Inventory
  • Billing
  • Launch Steps
  • FAQ

Customer Experience

Customers’ return experience will remain the same until they are ready to submit their return. If a customer’s shipping address is within 20 miles of a Return Bar, it will be presented as their primary return option. The customer can still choose to utilize the standard box and ship method.

After the customer has submitted their return, they will be presented with a QR code. Customers can utilize this QR code at any Return Bar. 

Returns bars do not QA merchandise. They will check brand, item type, and color. 

It is important to note: customer’s return outcome will occur at the time their return is dropped off at the Return Bar. If you use the “in-transit” processing event today, this will not be a change.

Customers will receive the following communications:
  • Loop - Return Confirmation Email [replaces Return Confirmation email]

  • Loop - Happy Returns Drop off Notice [replaces In Transit Notice & Delivered Notice emails]

  • Happy Returns - Drop off notification

  • Happy Returns - NPS survey

Merchant Experience

Easily identify which returns utilize a Return Bar in the Loop admin:

  • See which Return Bar the customer chose on the return page
  • Return method tag on your returns page

Stay up to date on Happy Returns performance in the Loop admin:

Tracking Inventory

Understanding shipments:

  • Happy Returns has 3 hubs - East, West, Central
  • Items ship no less than twice a week from the return bars to the hubs. Some ship daily.
  • Shipment frequency from Happy Return hubs to your warehouse depend on your return volume:
    • > 2,000 returns/month (via return bars) - 3 shipments/week (1 per hub)
    • < 2,000 returns/month - 3 shipments every 2 weeks (1 per hub)

Happy Returns will send an email every time a shipment deploys from a hub to your warehouse. You will need to identify 1 email contact or distro to receive these notifications. This notification will include a detailed list of items being returned to your warehouse with the following fields:

  • Order #
  • Product Title
  • Variant Title
  • SKU

You can update the distribution list for shipment notifications within the Loop Admin by to Settings > Integrations and click on the gear icon on the Happy Returns integration tile. Add as many email addresses as you'd like separating them by commas.


Merchants are required to set up ACH as their payment method in order to utilize the Happy Returns <> Loop integration. Note - your payment method for your monthly SAAS fee will also need to be updated to ACH (Loop can only support 1 payment method/merchant).

Billing is based on items that have shipped from the Happy Returns hub to your warehouse. Loop will bill merchants on the 10th of each month for the prior month’s returns.

What work do I need to do in order to launch?

  • Sign Happy Returns Service Agreement
  • Sign Loop Returns Amendment
  • Update payment method to ACH
  • Align with Loop on a go live date
  • Work with your warehouse to understand any additional requirements to receive shipments from Happy Returns hubs
  • Optional: customize your return bar email notifications
  • Recommended: update your return policy page to explain Happy Returns to your customers & eliminate customer inquiries


Is there a way to prevent specific items from being presented the Return Bars option? Merchants can tag an item in Shopify as "mail only". If an item in the return is mail-only we don't show HR as a return option

Can certain zip codes be turned off for Happy Returns? If you’re utilizing this integration, Happy Returns must be on for all regions

Can I charge a return shipping fee for Happy Returns? Yes, the shipping fees that you have set up in your Loop Admin will be applied to both Happy Returns & box & ship returns.

I am currently integrated with my 3PL/ERP - will this change my integration? Changes may need to be made to your integration. Loop will partner with you to help identify what changes might be needed.

Do Happy Returns QR codes expire? Yes, Happy Returns QR codes expire after 30 days.

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