Olive Integration


Olive is an environmentally-friendly home pickup option available in the NYC area. The integration between Olive and Loop allows merchants signed up with both Olive and Loop to:

  • Offer printerless return pickups on orders originally delivered through Olive.
  • Promote sustainability by having customers use the same Olive box that their order was delivered in for their return shipment.

This integration is currently only available for current Olive customers. If you would like to learn more about Olive, please contact hello@shopolive.com.

In this article:

  • Getting Started 
  • Customer Experience
  • Loop admin experience
  • FAQ

Getting Started

You will need an active Olive contract and an active Loop contract to use this integration.

You will also need to have the Integrations add-on (or be on Loop Plus) to use this integration.

If you meet the prerequisites above and would like to start using this integration, contact your Merchant Success Manager or support@loopreturns.com to set up the integration.

If you do not have the Integrations add-on and would like to use Olive x Loop, contact your Merchant Success Manager or support@loopreturns.com for more information.

Return & Pickup experience

  1. Customer submits return to Loop for an order that was originally delivered through Olive.
  2. Customer is presented with home pickup by Olive as a return option.

  3. Customer sets a pickup date, provides pickup instructions, and receives a scheduling confirmation.

  4. Customer readies their item for pickup using the same Olive box that the order was originally delivered in.
  5. Olive picks up the return & delivers the item back to your warehouse.
  6. Return is processed and closed in Loop.

Loop admin experience

  • Customers will still receive two email communications for return confirmation and in-transit confirmation. These emails can be customized in the Loop admin by going to Settings > Notifications. Olive will also send the following communications to customers:
    • Night before pickup reminder email
    • Out for pickup text when the route starts in the morning
    • Successful pickup text with a link to gather CSAT score
    • Pickup failed email with link to reschedule the pick up
  • You will see all returns made with Olive tagged with a Return Method of “Olive” in the Returns view.


Can customers reschedule or cancel a previously scheduled Olive pickup? Yes, customers can reschedule or cancel a pickup from their scheduling confirmation email.

What does the pickup cost for customers? Olive pickups are free for consumers. As of now, merchants do not have the ability to charge customers for Olive pickups through Loop.

What plan do I need to be on to utilize this feature? This integration is included for merchants with Loop Plus or the Integrations add on. If you are not on one of these plans and would like to add this integration, reach out to your Merchant Success Manager or support@loopreturns.com.

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