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This integration is owned and maintained by Bold Metrics. In order to enable this integration, you need to have Loop Pro or Plus or the Integrations add-on. 

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How it works 

The returns data is sent over to Bold Metrics and this data is used to inform size prediction models.


To begin setting up this integration, first begin in the Loop admin. 

  1. Once in the Loop admin, go to Settings > Developers
  2. Under the Webhooks section, click Create Webhook 
  3. Create two webhooks (return is response for both)
    1. Return Create & Return Update
    2. Select Return as the response for both 
    3. Use this URL for both
  4. Once the webhooks are created, the integration is complete and there is no additional setup needed. 


If you have any questions about how this integrations functions, please contact If there are questions about setup or if there's an issue with the webhooks firing, please contact 

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