Plobal Apps Integration


Plobal Apps develops mobile shopping apps for Shopify brands. If Loop and Plobal are integrated, then customers can seamlessly initiate a return within the Plobal app. To get set up the Loop + Plobal integration, simply reach out to your Plobal account manager and let them know you use Loop as your returns provider.

Here are the benefits of the integration:

  • Reduces questions around where to make returns
  • Keeps shoppers in-app longer, which means more shopping behavior insights
  • Helps your shoppers stay in a buying mindset

Plobal owns and maintains this integration, so if there are any questions about getting setup or troubleshooting, please contact the Plobal team. 

To get access to this feature, you must have the Loop Integrations add-on. If you have questions about your plan, please contact your Loop account manager or 


What do I have to do to get Loop on my Plobal app?

When you’re in the process of building your Plobal app, the team will ask you to share your tech stack. Make sure to list Loop and they’ll ensure your returns portal works seamlessly in-app.

What is the benefit of returns in my shopping app?

By streamlining post-purchase into your existing shopping experience, you can create great customer service while associating returns with shopping. Keeping your users in-app longer lets you gather more shopping behavior and further incentivizes them to exchange or repeat purchases.

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