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Returns Tracking allows merchants to send tracking details and return status updates to shoppers who choose a box and ship return method. The tracking information is pulled through from the label generated for the return on the Return Status Page, whereas needing to manually enter their tracking number online. By proactively sharing return status updates, merchants can reduce the number of return-related tickets, specifically around customers asking about the status of their return.

Note: Tracking will only appear on returns for outcomes where the processing events are set to delivered or manual. Tracking will not appear for outcomes where the processing event is set to immediate, pre-transit, or in-transit.

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  • Gorgias Integration
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Customer Experience

Customers can track their return on the Return Status Page that they can access once they've submitted their return and from the Return Confirmation email.


  1. To begin setup, first head over to Tracking.
  2. On the Returns Tracking page, you will see a toggle for Return Tracking

  1. On this page, there are links to relevant parts of the admin where the tracking page can be customized.

Gorgias Integration

For merchants who use the Gorgias Integration, you can integrate returns tracking to proactively flag concerning tracking updates so merchants can investigate and contact their shoppers for an improved customer experience.

  1. To enable this within your existing Gorgias Integration, go to Tools & integrations > Integrations.
  2. Click on the Gorgias tile.
  3. Enable the delivery error tracking toggle.
  4. Hit Save.

If there is a delivery error on the return, then you will see this error appear in Gorgias:

Pricing & Packaging

Returns Tracking is available for all merchants on Advanced, Pro, and Plus plans.


Which carriers is this feature compatible with? All carriers supported by Loop are compatible with Returns Tracking!

If you have any questions on this feature, please reach out to

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