Exchange Tracking


Exchange Tracking allows merchants to automate timely and relevant updates on shipping status and delivery of exchanges initiated through Loop. The tracking information is pulled through from the label generated for the exchange. By proactively sharing exchange status updates, merchants can reduce the number of return-related tickets, specifically around customers asking about the status of their exchange.

In this article—

  • Setup
  • Gorgias Integration
  • Pricing & Packaging


  1. First, head to Settings > Tracking > Exchange Tracking

Note: If you do not see this toggle, please email your Merchant Success Manager or to gain access.

  1. Then, enable the toggle for Exchange Tracking

Note: once you toggle Exchange Tracking on, it will immediately start sending exchange parcel tracking to shoppers

  1. Customize the email copy in Exchange Tracking > Email Configuration 

Important: once you have made your changes, please make sure to click Save

Gorgias Integration

  1. To customize the Gorgias integration, head to Settings > Integrations > Click on the Gorgias tile
  2. Then, enable the delivery error tracking toggle > Save

Pricing & Packaging

Exchange Tracking is available for all merchants on Advanced, Pro, and Plus plans.

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