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This document provides instructions on utilizing the integration between Loop and ApparelMagic. This is a two-way integration built and maintained by ApparelMagic.

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How it works

The integration between ApparelMagic and Loop Returns is an API-based connection designed to streamline the returns and exchange process within ApparelMagic via Loop Returns. Syncing is automatic and initially attempts to use Loop's webhooks for immediate import of returns. As a fallback, the integration will check Loop for new returns in 15-minute intervals. 

Returns Workflow

  1. Shopify order is fulfilled.
  2. The customer navigates to the Loop returns portal and submits the desired outcome.
  3. An open return is created in Loop and this imports a return authorization (RA) to ApparelMagic.
  4. The open return is processed in either ApparelMagic or Loop actioning the requested customer outcome.
  5. For returns without an exchange, Loop will update Shopify with the return of items, and this imports a credit memo to ApparelMagic.
  6. For returns with an exchange, Loop will update Shopify with the return of items and create a new exchange order. This creates a credit memo in ApparelMagic for the returned item and creates a new order or invoice for the exchange order (depending on the order download type for the Shopify integration). 

Using the integration

Downloading Return Authorizations (RAs) from Loop

When a customer initiates a return via the Loop returns portal, a return authorization is automatically generated in ApparelMagic. Users can navigate to Sales > Returns > Return Authorizations to view and manage these RAs in ApparelMagic. Within ApparelMagic, the following actions can be taken and will update the related return in Loop:

  • Process Return: Completes the return with the outcome of a refund or exchange, updates Loop, and subsequently Shopify, culminating in the generation of a credit memo in ApparelMagic.
  • Cancel Return: Cancels the return in Loop, allowing customers to initiate a new return if necessary.
  • Close Return: Closes the return in Loop without affecting Shopify, useful when outcomes have been manually addressed in Shopify. A credit memo does not import to ApparelMagic. 
  • Flag Return: Marks the return for manual review in Loop, requiring manual updates in Loop for the desired outcome.

Downloading Completed Returns from Loop

After a return authorization has been actioned with one of the possible return commands, and the return information has been communicated to Shopify by Loop, a corresponding credit memo will be imported into ApparelMagic. This credit memo will be associated with the original return authorization, completing the return process within ApparelMagic.

Downloading Exchanges from Loop

When an exchange is processed, ApparelMagic will handle the inventory management of the returned item. If the item is undamaged, a credit memo is imported, and the item is returned to stock. If damaged, a credit memo is still imported but the items are flagged as damaged so they're not returned to stock. Concurrently, the new item selected by the customer will be imported into ApparelMagic as either an open sales order or an invoice, depending on your Shopify integration order download type.


How long will it take to set up this integration? Setup can be completed within minutes. Please review the help center article here for more information.

Will I need a developer involved to complete this integration? No, the merchant will use a setup wizard for the connection process. Please review the help center article here for more information.

How do I get started? Get started by enabling Loop in ApparelMagic's Integration Center under Settings > Integrations > E-Commerce > Loop. You can also search for Loop under Settings > Integrations. If you don't already have an account with ApparelMagic, please reach out to to get started!

Please contact ApparelMagic for any additional questions on this integration.

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