Loop pricing plans


Loop offers a pricing structure built to accommodate changes in your transaction volume, allowing you to pay less per return on a monthly or annual billing cycle. Loop offers three feature tiers: Basic, Pro and Plus.

This guide will address frequently asked questions related to Loop Pricing plans. Please contact Loop Support if you have any additional questions.


Which features are included in each Loop Plan?

You can find a breakdown of what each feature set includes below:

When can I change my plan?

Your plan can be modified at the end of your agreement period, but you can upgrade your plan to add new features or increased volume at any time. To learn more, reach out to Loop Support

Will my new plan affect billing?

The new plan will not interrupt billing – it will simply appear as a separate line item in your bill and you will pay a prorated amount.

For more information about billing, see managing billing

What features are included in each Loop plan?

If you’d like a personal demo of the features included in each Loop plan, sign up here.

Can I pause my Loop plan?

Reach out to Loop Support if you need to pause your plan. Keep in mind that doing so will remove your access to Loop admin and freeze the customer portal. We recommend removing the portal link from your site a few days ahead of the shut-off date.