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You can choose to either set up automatic shipping labels with EasyPost or upload a CSV of pre-paid labels for quick customer response time and faster returns. This article will give you an overview of each type of label and how to configure them in Loop admin.

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On-demand labels

Loop partners with EasyPost and other shipping services to automatically generate on-demand labels for your customers. EasyPost helps Loop control your shipping costs by shopping for rates across multiple carriers in real-time. This ensures that you always receive the best rate. 

  • Note: Automatic return shipping labels are generated inside the portal immediately after a customer submits a return. Using this type of label will encourage customers to submit a return in the Loop app before shipping the package to your warehouse, mitigating the risk of lost return data. If a customer ends up keeping the item, you will be refunded for the cost of the unused label. 

To set up on-demand labels:

  1. Follow the steps outlined in Loop’s EasyPost integration guide to create an account and get started.
  2. When the account has been created, navigate to Settings > Shipping in the Loop admin, and click on Connect next to EasyPost. Drop the EasyPost Production API key this section. Click Connect to link EasyPost.

  3. Activate any carriers that have been set up in EasyPost and that you plan to use for return labels. Note: Carriers will need to be connected in EasyPost before they are available to turn on in Loop.
  4. Save changes.
  5. Jump to Settings > Return policies, and click edit on the return policy where you would like to enable on-demand labels.
  6. Scroll down, click the switch next to EasyPost labels, and click Save.

Customer view: On-demand labels

When a customer submits a return that has pre-printed label associated, they will see the option to use that label OR ask for a new label.

If a label fails to generate, which mainly happens if there are errors with the customer's address, they will be notified to update their address. This allows the customer to fix any errors and re-generate their label within Loop.

Common issues that result in label failures:

  • Address length too long
  • Suburb, city, and zip code do not match

Pre-printed labels

If you mail out a return label with your orders, you can associate those pre-printed labels to return orders through Loop. This setup is less common but fully supported by the app. Pre-printed labels can be generated automatically, manually and via Shopify’s API. 

  • Note: If this method is chosen, we recommend including a packing slip that includes detailed instructions about navigating to the Loop Portal and your Return Policy. However, it’s important to note that your customers may ignore this information and submit the return without notifying your team.

To set up pre-printed labels with a CSV upload:

  1. Contact Loop Support to add this feature to your Loop Admin Portal, and receive instructions on how to format the CSV.
    1. Note: this option is only available to shops on the Loop Plus plan
  2. Once this feature is added, find it in admin under Settings > Shipping > Prepaid Labels
  3. Click the Choose File button and find the CSV you want to upload 
    1. Tip: Double check the instructions given to you by Loop Support to ensure that the CSV is in the correct format
  4. Click upload.

Automatically-generated pre-printed labels

When labels are added during the fulfillment order process, usually by a warehouse, the Shopify order meta fields are updated in Loop, which then is shown to the customer on confirmation. A more advanced way would be to use the Shopify Orders API to send a request to add the return label ID to a specific order. 

Customer view: pre-printed labels

When a customer submits a return that has pre-printed label associated, they will see the option to use that label OR ask for a new label. 

If Create return labels is turned ON in Loop admin (Settings > Return Policy) then a new label will be generated. 

  • Note: if there are multiple items in a return, multiple labels will appear.


What additional carriers can be added? To learn more about which carriers can generate labels, and how to configure Loop to accept additional carriers, visit the EasyPost integration guide

What happens if I do not turn on shipping labels and do not use pre-printed labels? Your customers will be shown the address to ship their items back to on the Customer Portal confirmation page.  

Note: These returns cannot be processed on shipping events since there is no label to track. Navigate here for more information on processing events. 

Can I edit the default shipping content shown? Most of this content can be edited, including the return instructions within Settings > Customizations. Please contact Loop Support if you would like to make additional edits. 

If you have any other questions or would like more information please reach out to us at

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