Shopify setup


During onboarding, it is important to make the Loop team aware of which Shopify features you have enabled so that we can optimize your Loop experience. It is also very important to keep these scopes updated. This article will cover where scopes are, how to approve access, and how Shopify and your Loop instance interact.


To allow Loop to function properly, you will need to update your scopes in order to authorize access to Shopify data. Our support team will reach out to notify you when these are made available.

Where to approve access & scopes

Navigate to Loop admin, then click "Agree" to share your Shopify data with the Loop team. If you are not prompted to agree, then Loop already has everything that we need from you. The scopes page will only display if there are pieces of information that need to be updated. 

Note: When the scopes are updating, the Installing Loop page will occasionally show. After this page is presented, it should take you back to Loop admin and will not affect your ability to use Loop. 

Shopify settings that interact with Loop:

Please let us know if you are using any of these settings so that we can turn on the appropriate settings in your Loop instance. 


How do product images in Shopify appear in the Loop app?

A: Loop will display the product image from Shopify one of two ways:

  • A single product will show the parent image from the Shopify product page
  • A variant of the product will show the variant image if available, if not, we will use the parent image 

What product image will show in Loop if the product image in Shopify is deleted?

A: On the product detail view, a “Product image not available” placeholder will be shown if a product image link in Shopify is unavailable or gets deleted. 

I updated the image of one of my products, why won’t it appear in Loop?

A: Loop will not have an image of the product if you have made the update after an order is processed or imported.

How do I know when I need to update my scopes?

A: Loop will send out communications to your email on file when an update is needed.  Please take these emails seriously as they will greatly benefit you.

Be sure to check out Return Policy Settings for any other settings that you might want to reconcile with your Shopify settings.

If you have any other questions or would like more information please reach out to us at