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Emails sent during the return process are designed to keep your customers informed and communicate necessary information. Notifications are triggered by events, such as a return being processed, or an item going out of stock. 

In this article:  

  • Enable/ Disable Notifications
  • Email Notification Customizations
  • Notification Previews
  • Adjust Sender and Reply-To Email Address

Enable/Disable Notifications

All email notifications are enabled, by default. If you would like to disable, follow the steps below: 

To access Notifications: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Notifications In the Loop admin
  • Select the template you would like to enable/ disable
  • Select Enable or Disable
  • Navigate back to the Notifications view to ensure the template was enabled/ disabled

Email Notification Customizations

You have full ability to customize notifications that get emailed to your customers. Below are a few ways to customize to support your brand.

Add a logo

You can add a logo to all of your email templates at once. If you choose to use a logo, this will display as the heading of the message, replacing the brand name text:

  1. Upload an image in Shopify (yourstore.myshopify.com/admin/files) and copy the hosted URL
  2. Navigate to Settings > Notifications in the Loop admin
  3. Paste image link into the Logo image URL field
  4. Select Save
Note: We recommend that the logo image be 400 x 100 pixels for optimal sizing

Select an accent color

This accent color will be applied to any links or buttons within the message: 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customize Branding in the Loop admin
  2. Enter the desired HEX, RBG or HSA value
  3. Select Save

Customize HTML

Upon accessing one of the notification templates in the Loop Admin, you will see an HTML field and a list of email variables. 

To customize the appearance and body of Loop notification emails:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications in the Loop admin
  2. Select the email template you wish to edit and Download
    1. It is important to download the existing version as a backup before proceeding with any Notification edits
  3. Upload file to a code editor and edit
  4. Once edits are made, paste them in the Email Body (HTML) field
  5. Select Save
Note: Loop recommends that you keep email template layouts relatively simple to ensure that they display properly across all mail applications.   

Using custom variables

Custom variables automatically import your unique information from our database according to the return request. Each email has a list of variables that are available. Each email contains different content, so be sure to review the different variables available with each template. 

Edit template subject

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications in the Loop admin
  2. Select the email template you wish to edit
  3. In the Email subject field, enter the content you wish to display
    1. Reference the Email Variables list on the right to personalize email content 
  4. Select Save

Notification Previews

The live preview will allow you to see a mockup of the email notification that customers will receive. 

To live-preview a template theme styles across all templates:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customize Branding in the Loop admin
  2. Select the arrows to toggle between the following templates:
    1. Return Updates
      • Out-of-stock exchange notice
      • Out-of-stock gift exchange notice
      • Return updated
      • Return modified
      • In transit notice
      • Delivered notice
      • Happy Returns drop off notice
      • Gift Receipt email
    2. Expiration
      • Instant Exchange: 7 day reminder
      • Instant Exchange: 1 day reminder
      • Expiration reminder
      • Expiration notice
    3. Resolution
      • Out-of-stock exchange resolved
      • Stripe refund
    4. Confirmation
      • Out-of-Stock 
      • Return Confirmation 
      • Return Confirmation w/o Shipping Labels
      • Expiration Reminder
      • Expiration Notice
      • Keep Item: Return Confirmation
      • Gift Return Order Information
      • Stripe Refund
      • Stripe Transaction

To live-preview customizations individually:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customize Branding in the Loop admin
  2. Select the template that you would like to preview
  3. Select the Preview button at the top of the page
Note: It is recommended that you test out the preview on both a phone and email browser.

Adjust Sender and Reply-To Email Address

Notification emails are sent by Loop, but they use your brand’s contact information. The email sender name and reply-to address can be changed at any time:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Email settings in the Loop admin
  2. Edit the desired fields:
    1. Support email: shows in your customer portal any time we show a support email link
    2. Email sender name: this name will be displayed on return emails
    3. Reply-to email: this email will be used when a customer replies to an email notification 
  3. Save changes


How can I change my email template back to the original template setting? If at any point you would like to go back to the original email template, simply scroll to the bottom of the template and select Revert to default.  

Note: to quickly toggle between templates, use the arrows at the top right to go back and forth

Can I use a custom font in the email template? Unfortunately, we cannot support the use of custom fonts in email templates at this time. This is due to the fact that not all email clients support custom fonts, therefore the email templates may not appear as intended across all email clients and browsers.

What email address will receive the test email when I click the "Send Test Email" button? The test email is sent to the email address of whomever is logged in. A popup is also shown on the screen indicating the email address the email was sent to.

Can I resend automated emails? At this time, we do not support the ability to resend most email notifications from the admin at this time. However, you can resend the return confirmation when there is a label by going to the return page and selecting Email Shipping Label

My customer did not receive their return label. Can I resend the label manually? Yes, you can resend the label manually from inside the return request by clicking Email Shipping Label.

My customer did not receive their store credit gift card. How can I resend manually? You'll want to resend it through Shopify:

  1. Go to Products > Gift Cards 
  2. Search for the customer's email address
  3. Select the Gift Card
  4. Select Resend gift card to customer

What service does Loop use to send notifications? Loop uses Mailgun to send out our automated notifications.

Please reach out to support@loopreturns.com with any additional questions.

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