Return Policy Enforcer


Return Policy Enforcer is a Pro and Plus level feature that allows you to ask a simple yes/no customizable question to customers returning a particular product type. This allows you to confirm the product meets return policy guidelines, while also providing an outcome based on the customer's response. 

In this article you will learn about: 

  • Creating a New Return Policy Enforcer
  • Return Policy Enforcer Outcomes

Creating a New Return Policy Enforcer

Return policies, in this setting, are defined by product type. These product types are pulled over from your Shopify set up.

To create a new return policy for a product type: 

  1. Navigate to Loop Admin > Settings > Return Policy Enforcer
  2. Select Create New
  3. Enter the Question, Policy, Product Type, Policy URL (optional) and Outcome 
    1. The question needs to be framed in a way that if the customer chooses "NO", they will be able to submit the return normally through Loop
    2. A new policy must be created for each Product Type 
  4. Set the outcome to either Donate, Reject or Review
    1. This outcome is only provided if the customer chooses "YES"
  5. Select Submit
  6. Once submitted, the return policy will be active in the customer Returns Portal for the chosen product type
  7. To remove, select the trash can icon

Return Policy Enforcer Outcomes

Based on the customer's "YES" answer to your return policy question, you can decide between three different outcomes: Reject, Donate or Review.

Outcome 1: Reject

  • If customer chooses "NO", they can submit the return request normally through Loop
  • If customer chooses "YES", the item will immediately be marked ineligible for return
    • The customer will receive the following message: For example, if you require that tags remain on an item in order for it to be eligible for return, the Return Policy Enforcer can ask the customer to confirm if the tags have been removed. 
    • Once the item is rejected, it will be ineligible to return unless the order or customer email address is added to the Allowlist

Outcome 2: Donate

  • If your store has separate locations where you’d prefer washed, worn or used products to be sent to, you can use the Donate outcome.
  • If a customer chooses "YES", the customer will proceed through the return normally, but instead of the returned products coming to the primary warehouse, they will be routed to the Donation Destination.
  • Once configured, your customers will still see the single question and policy set for the Product Type you chose.

How to set up a Donation Destination:

You can add as many Donation Destinations as you have and Loop will generate the lowest cost label based on the locations. To set up:

  1. Navigate to  Loop Admin > Settings > Destinations

  2. Select Add Destination

  3. Select Location Type > Donation center

  4. Enter address details

  5. Select Save

Note: If other items are being returned at the same time, all items will be routed to the donation center

Outcome 3: Manual Review

  • If customer chooses "NO", they can submit the return request normally through Loop
  • If a product in a specific condition should be reviewed before the customer returns it, you can manually review these requests
  • If customer chooses "YES", they will proceed through the return normally and will see the following content on their Return Status Page instead of a return label:

Manual Review in the Loop Admin: 

All returns that are required for review will land under the Needs Review tab in your returns dashboard.

  • Accept Return: the standard Return Confirmation Notification will be sent to the customer, including a link to their Label. The Return will process based on your existing Processing events.
  • Reject Item: the item will be marked ineligible for return. The return can then be cancelled. No Notification will be sent to the customer.  We recommend having your customer service team reach out to these customers.
Note: If Reject Item is selected on any Manual review item, the full return request should be cancelled. Once cancelled, all items being returned that have not been rejected can be resubmitted through the customer Returns Portal.


Where do returns go that have the outcome "review" tied to them? These will show up under the Needs Review tab in your returns dashboard.

Can I add multiple product types into a return policy enforcer? No. At this time, you will need to create a new policy enforcer for different product types.

Can I used Return Policy Enforcer (donate) and Keep Item features together? Not at the moment, unfortunately, but our product team is always working to enhance our features!

Does the Allowlist override Return Policy Enforcer answers? Yes! For example, if a customer answered yes and their outcome was "reject", you can add their order # to the Allowlist to make an exception to the rule. The customer will then be able to generate their return request without answering the question.

If you would like to turn this feature on or have any additional questions about this feature, please contact us at