Return policy enforcer


If you have unique return policies for certain product types, you can prompt your customer with a single, customizable question to confirm the product meets return policy guidelines.

For example, if you require that tags remain on an item in order for it to be eligible for a return, the Return Policy Enforcer can ask the customer to confirm if the tags have been removed. If yes, the item will immediately be marked ineligible for return. If no, the item can be submitted normally through the app. 

Policy enforcer outcomes 

  • Donate: items within a return are eligible to be sent to a donation center if the customer responds “yes” to the customer portal prompt. 
    • if one line item in the order qualifies for “donate,” then all of the items in the return will be sent to a donation center. 
    • Loop will create a shipping label to a donation center of your choice. At this time, you will need to reach out to our Support Team to get this set up for you.  
  • Reject: items within a return will be marked ineligible for return if the customer selects “yes” to the customer portal prompt.
    • Note: The customer can attempt to return other line items in the order. 
  • Review: when the customer responds “yes” to the prompt, the order will need to be manually reviewed by your team in Loop admin.
There are two options for review:
  • Accept return as is. This will open the return, generate the label, and email the customer their return confirmation email
  • Reject individual line items and cancel the return. If one order line item is rejected, the entire return will be canceled.

Configure Return Policy Enforcer 

To set up a return policy for a product type:
  1. In Loop admin, navigate to Settings > Return policy enforcer
  2. Select the Create New button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Fill out each field in the form that appears. 
    1. Anything marked with * is a required field.
  4. Select donate, reject or review from the dropdown to associate one of these three outcomes with the policy. 
  5. Click Submit.
    1. Once a return policy has been submitted, it will become active in the customer portal. 

Note: Return Policy Enforcer requires Loop Pro and must be enabled to appear in Loop admin. To enable this feature, contact Loop Support. 

To cancel a return policy for a product type:
  1. In Loop admin, navigate to Settings > Return policy enforcer
  2. Select the trash icon next to the active policy that you would like to remove.


Can I edit an active return policy in Loop admin?

An active return policy must be deleted and recreated with the information that you would like to include.

What is a product type?

Product Types are set in your Product Details in Shopify. Navigate to a specific product, and you will find Product type within Organization on the right-hand side. 

If you would like to turn this feature on or have any additional questions about this feature, please contact us at