Viewing your returns data


In Loop Reporting, you can visualize data and reports on your Refunds and Exchanges to gain better insight into your customers’ post-purchase behavior. 

The Reporting Dashboard

The Reporting dashboard displays a breakdown of total returns and new revenue using Loop. 

Returns Breakdown

An instant returns breakdown on the left-hand side shows the number of Total Returns, with a percentage breakdown of new revenue. 

In the example below, 16% of all revenue returned was part of an exchange:

Graph View

The graph view shows your Total Returns trend over a specified period of time. This information reflects a specific time increment that is chosen within the calendar toggle in the upper right-hand corner.

The calendar picker supports set or custom ranges:

The green value underneath “Shop Now” indicates additional revenue processed through the Shop Now feature in Loop Pro or Plus plan in a given timeframe. This additional revenue is implemented through the Stripe up-sell capability enabled per merchant.

CSV Reports

To help you gain visibility into your product and accounting, several report types are available for download. These reports provide a wealth of information about how your customers interact with your products over time. 

  • ASN: Share tracking information and return status with your warehouse
  • Returned item: View a breakdown of refunds versus exchanges
  • New item: View a breakdown of exchanges
  • Return reasons by product: View return reasons grouped by product ID
  • Return reasons by SKU: View return reasons grouped by SKU
  • Return reasons by line items: View return reasons grouped by line items
  • Refunds: View refunds that have been issued by Loop
  • Gift cards: View gift cards that have been issued by Loop
  • Stripe revenue: View new revenue transactions processed by Shop Now

All downloads will have the name of the report along with a Unix timestamp to mark the exact time of download for record-keeping and to prevent duplicate download names. 

By default, these reports are set to download the last week’s worth of data. To change this, define a date range in the calendar picker:


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