Quiet Logistics Integration


The integration between Quiet Logistics and Loop is a two-way integration, responsible for performing two primary actions:

  1. Create RMA within Quiet when a return is initiated through Loop
  2. Process or flag a return within Loop based on items received by Quiet

How it works

This integration creates RMAs within Quiet each time a return is initiated, and takes action within Loop (process or flag) upon item receipt by Quiet. The Quiet Integration leverages Quiet’s existing Product Statuses to process and flag returns in Loop automatically.

Qualifications for the Integration:

  • This integration is available on our Plus plan with API access 
  • Loop has built and maintains this integration, which means no developer work is needed on the merchant's end

Returns Workflow

  1. Quiet writes in an XML file for every order that Quiet ships out, creating an order record
  2. Loop connector checks for new file every 5 minutes, and creates a return for every single order (SOR)
  3. When a customer creates a return in Loop, the XML file is updated with the return data
  4. Upon receiving the package, Quiet creates a result file, informing Loop on which returns to process
  5. Return Processed or Flagged based on package contents and conditions
  6. Return resolved/closed in Loop
  7. Return is complete
    1. Loop makes a new RMA to accommodate additional returns to the order


How long will it take to set up this integration? Implementation and maintenance is handled by Loop, with collaboration from Quiet Logistics. The timeline is approximately 2 weeks from kickoff with Loop.

Will I need a developer involved to complete this integration? Not at all! Loop & Quiet will take care of this integration for you.

How do I get started? To begin the integration process, please contact integrations@loopreturns.com or your Onboarding/Account Manager.

What happens when a return is flagged in Quiet? Loop will move these returns into the Needs Review tab on the Returns dashboard. This will keep those returns visible for you and your team so you can work with that customer to resolve the return. This will result in some returns that look fine in Loop (no out of stock symbol or error in Loop being shown) landing in this tab.

Feel free to reach out to integrations@loopreturns.com if you have any additional questions.