Welcome to Loop

Congratulations on signing your Loop contract! 

We want to thank you for becoming a Loop Partner and give you some basic information on what’s to come. 

Process + Timing

Onboarding to Loop is broken up into 5 key milestones:
  1. Install
  2. Setup
  3. Testing
  4. Training
  5. Launch
Based on your needs, Onboarding can take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks. Your Merchant Onboarding Manager will look over your agreement before contacting you and assign an estimated launch date. If you’d like to launch more quickly or have any other timing concerns, please notify your Merchant Onboarding Manager at kickoff, they will be happy to support your timing needs! 

Loop Third Parties 

Loop leverages the following services to support in-app functionality. You can expect more detailed setup instructions from your Merchant Onboarding Manager.


Loop uses EasyPost to support simple, one click label generation for your customers, as well as to track your return shipments and allow for automatic return processing.


Stripe powers Loop’s Shop Now + On Store experiences. This allows Loop to preserve a request for an Exchange without creating the order in Shopify until the return is approved.
Thank you again for choosing Loop. We are so excited to have you on board!
 - Loop Team