First and foremost, we want you know how glad we are that you've chosen Loop. 

After nearly three years of refining this product for a handful of Shopify merchants, Loop is now available to any store on the Shopify platform. We have launched quite a few features over those 3 years, but in general, the Loop product:

  • Fully automates both refunds and exchanges, saving your team time
  • Converts more refunds to exchanges, helping you retain revenue 
  • Delivers a fantastic customer experience by streamlining the process and reducing the number of days the customer waits to receive a new product or refund

When using the Loop platform, it's important to keep two distinct events in mind:

  • Submit event: the moment a customer submits a return request through the Loop Customer Portal
  • Process event: the moment a return request processes in the Loop Admin and is sent to Shopify

The Process event can be manually triggered by your team in the Loop Admin, or can be automatically triggered by a shipping carrier event of your choice. All of this can be configured and changed at any time in the Settings tab.

To get started, head over to our Installation Guide and we'll walk you through the steps to simplifying returns and exchanges on Shopify.

Lastly, we know there are other solutions out there and we want to let you know that we're very happy you chose Loop. We're excited to be your partner, and will do everything we can to help you build loyalty with the customers you've worked so hard to get.

If you have questions or feedback at any time, please reach out to us at