Welcome to Loop

Welcome to Loop!

Congratulations on joining the Loop community!! 

We can’t wait to help you redefine the returns experience for your customers and retain more revenue in the process! We believe the experience you create at the point of return shapes not just the customer’s future with you, but your destiny as a brand. And we are excited to be on that journey with you! What happens next? Our onboarding process is designed to allow you to go at your own pace with a detailed custom project plan crafted to meet your specific needs.

Process + Timing

Onboarding at Loop is broken up into the following milestones:

  • Install & setup: Install and configure Loop to meet your needs and return policy
  • Testing - Once setup is done, we’ll test to ensure everything is working as expected
  • Launch - Launch Loop on your site and start seeing the full value of Loop! 

Based on your needs and plan, the setup and implementation of Loop can take as little as a few days, up to several weeks to complete. Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will create a personalized project plan with individual tasks and milestones for you to complete, and set a target launch date for when you will launch Loop. If you’d like to launch more quickly or have any other timing concerns, please notify your Onboarding Specialist anytime. They will be happy to support your timing needs! 

Thank you again for choosing Loop. We are thrilled to have you! 

 - The Loop Team

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