Pro + Plus Feature Overview


Pro and Plus Loop users have additional features that support enhanced return policy settings and needs. This article outlines each of these features that are available to you.

In this article, you'll learn about: 

  • Advanced Exchanges
  • Bundles
  • Keep Item
  • Policy Rules
  • Pre-Discount Credit
  • Return Policy Enforcer

Advanced Exchanges

Advanced Exchanges is a feature that allows a customer to exchange for a completely different product as if they were just requesting a variant exchange.

Loop refers to a variant-for-variant exchange (e.g.: exchanging a shirt in size Medium for a size Large) as a "variant exchange". Loop allows for variant exchanges across all of our tiers (Lite, Basic, Pro and Plus). Advanced Exchanges extends this functionality to different products where the merchant sees fit.
To learn more about Advanced Exchanges, click here.


Bundles is a feature that allows you to improve your customer experience, and save time for your support team, by making custom-built bundles eligible to be returned in your customer portal. Bundles gives your customers a streamlined way to exchange individual products within a bundle and can be customized to support your own discount and eligibility rules.

To learn more about Bundles, click here

Keep Item

Keep Item is a feature that allows customers to keep an item under a certain value threshold, rather than sending it back.
To learn more about Keep Item, click here.

Policy Rules

Policy Rules allow you to create a combination of β€œrules” on certain items, outside of your general return policy settings. This feature allows you to adjust the outcome for specific product IDs or fulfillment conditions. Policy Rule outcomes include refund, exchange or store credit options.

To learn more about Policy Rules, click here.

Pre-Discount Credit

When a customer is shopping with a discount and then chooses to request a return for that item, Pre-Discount Credit allows them to keep the same purchasing power on their Shop Now exchange.

To learn more about Pre-Discount Credit, click here.

Return Policy Enforcer

Return Policy Enforcer is a feature that allows you to ask a simple yes/no customizable question to customers returning a particular product type. This allows you to confirm the product meets return policy guidelines, while also providing an outcome based on the customer's response. 

To learn more about Return Policy Enforcer, click here.

Please reach out to or your Onboarding/Account Manager, if you'd like to enable any of these features.