Klaviyo Integration: High Impact Flows



Merchants can integrate their Klaviyo account with Loop to send return notifications.

How it works

Loop has a number of built in Notifications that can be found in Settings > Notifications. Merchants that have the Klaviyo integration with Loop enabled may want to use Klaviyo to send these emails instead, given Klaviyo's flexibility and added branding benefits.

In this article, we'll cover how to recreate Advanced Loop flows in Klaviyo, and what those flows should look like. If you want to review the main flows to set up, please review the Klaviyo Integration: Flows & Emails article first. 

erchants can also choose to use only some Loop Notifications and use Klaviyo for others, so they can use Loop's native Notifications and Klaviyo for more advanced flows. Just be sure never to have both on to avoid double-emailing customers.

Note: If you plan to use Klaviyo flows instead of Loop's native Notifications, be sure to deactivate the Loop Notifications that will be coming from Klaviyo moving forward to avoid double emails.

As you're creating these flows, you can find all of Loop's available variables here.

Create New Klaviyo Flows Triggered by Returns Data

Win back Customers Who’ve Refunded for Sizing Related Reasons

This flow will trigger when a customer returns for a Refund and their Return Reason is a sizing or styling related issue such as Item didn’t fit, Item was too big, or Item was too small.

  • Flow Trigger:

    • Loop Label Created

  • Flow Trigger Filter: 

    • outcome equals refund

    • return_reason_parents contains Item didn’t fit

  • Recommended Tactics

    • Suggest chatting with a virtual stylist 

    • Leverage sizing guides

    • Provide related product recommendations

    • Provide an incentive to purchase again 

Remind Customers That Have Outstanding Store Credit

Provide customers who’ve returned for a store credit suggestions on what to buy and push them to use their credit sooner rather than later.

  • Flow Trigger:

    • Loop Label Created

  • Flow Trigger Filter: 

    • outcome equals credit

  • Recommended Tactics

    • Include a time delay

    • Use a conditional split based on if Person has Placed Order zero times since starting this flow

    • Provide product recommendations across different product categories e.g. new arrivals and best sellers

    • Remind hesitant customers of relevant help channels e.g. online stylist or live chat

Request Product Review From First-Time Exchanger

  • Flow Trigger:

    • Loop Label Updated

  • Flow Trigger Filter: 

    • outcome equals exchange

    • Tracking_status equals delivered

  • Recommended Tactics

    • Leverage satisfied customers to help build your feedback library by requesting a product review from those who have recently gone through their first exchange process with Loop. 

Improve Loop’s Transactional Notifications By Sending In Klaviyo

Out Of Stock Exchange Notice

  • Flow Trigger:

    • Loop Exchange Out Of Stock

  • Recommended Tactics

    • Provide other product recommendations & generate a dynamic discount code as an apology for not having their product in stock

    • Provide easy access to customer service at the bottom of the email

SMS Reminder To Customers Whose Returns Are Expiring 

  • Flow Trigger:

    • Loop Return Expiring

  • Recommended Tactics

    • Send a helpful SMS reminder to customers that have returns that are about to expire and remind them to drop their item off at the post office 

Layer Returns Data On Top Of Existing Klaviyo Flows

Return Policy Blocks

Create blocks to add to existing email flows in order to educate potential customers about a merchant’s return policy. These can be positioned across points in the customer journey where it may be beneficial to put the customer’s mind at ease. If they’re reluctant to make a purchase, the reassurance of a flexible and risk-free returns policy may push customers toward their purchase decision. 

Given this, we’ve identified the below flows/emails as the most suitable for these returns blocks:

  • Abandoned Cart Flow — All Emails

  • Add to Cart Flow — All Emails

  • Browse Abandonment Flow — All Emails

  • Nurture Series

The overarching points can be emphasized in the blocks:

  • MERCHANT NAME offers flexible, easy & free returns, so you can shop risk-free

  • You have 30 days to return your items to MERCHANT NAME once you’ve received them

  • We offer flexible options — you can exchange, return for store credit or return for a refund

  • Free shipping labels are provided, so return shipping is on us!