Launching Loop & Migrating from Your Previous Returns Process


Merchants often come to Loop from a previous returns solution. Therefore, merchants may need to take additional steps to fully migrate from their previous process before launching Loop.

In this article:

  • Important Steps to Launch Loop
  • Migrating from your Previous Returns Solution to Loop from:
    • Manual Process
    • Other Returns Platforms 
  • Migrating to Shopify from another e-commerce platform

 Steps to Launch Loop

  1. Complete the critical "Testing" tasks within the Onboarding Project Plan provided by your Onboarding Specialist
  2. Confirm the language on your return policy page matches your Loop admin settings
  3. Add your Returns Portal link (example: to your store's returns page or anywhere your customers can easily find it. 
  4. Notify your Onboarding Specialist that you've added your Returns Portal link to your site
    1. Your Onboarding Manager will then look over your settings and then introduce you to your long-term contacts 

If you have specific questions regarding your launch, please reach out to your Onboarding Specialist. 

Migrating from your Previous Returns Solution to Loop

Merchants will want to consider the following when migrating from their previous solution to Loop if migrating from the following:

Manual Process

  • Complete prior returns that were manually initiated
  • Update existing internal documentation and processes to include Loop

Other Returns Platforms

  • Complete the returns in prior system before fully cancelling service (Loop recommends leaving your prior system active 30-60 days after going live with Loop, if possible)
  • Contact your representative with your previous solution to ask for any important reports, analytics, historical data 

Migrating to Shopify from another E-Commerce Platform

These steps are applicable if a merchant is moving from another e-commerce platform (ex: Magento) to Shopify:

  • Instruct customers who purchased on your previous system to return through your previous returns solution on your site's Return Policy Page 
    • Tip: Separate your new process from your old on your Returns Policy Page for a more intuitive customer experience during the migration
    • Example: "If you purchased on X date or prior, click here to begin a return."
  • If you are migrating orders from your previous e-commerce platform to Shopify: 
    • Customers would technically be able to return items through Loop
    • Please note: Refund requests for old orders may need to be processed manually due to the lack of payment information in Shopify
    • We highly recommend submitting a test return of an order submitted through your import solution


Who is my point of contact after I launch my Loop Returns Portal? You can always reach out to with any questions, feedback, etc. From time to time, a Merchant Success Manager will reach out to ensure you are maximizing the value of your partnership with Loop.

Can I embed the Loop Returns Portal on our return policy page as an inline frame (iframe)? No, Loop does not currently support the use of iframes due to security considerations.

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