Zapier Integration


Zapier is a tool that helps people create integrations between systems they use without any coding. By introducing Loop to the Zapier ecosystem, merchants can now build their own "no code" integrations between Loop and any other Zapier apps.

Loop merchants will need to be on the Plus plan or have the Integrations add-on to leverage Zapier. Merchants will also need a paid Zapier plan. Pricing details can be found here through Zapier.

This article will cover how to connect Zapier, as well as answer some FAQs about the integration.

Setting up and using Zapier

Loop is currently in a private beta in Zapier, and as a result is invite only for the time being. To get started:

  1. Please reach out to your onboarding manager with the email address associated with your Zapier account. If you are live, please reach out to
  2. You will receive an activation link to that email address to the Loop app.
  3. Once accepted, you'll be able to use Loop's triggers and actions in Zapier.

While we are not able to help set up flows and Zaps for you, we have 2 already designed templates you can use:

If you are hoping to set up your own Zaps, Loop offers 3 triggers that merchants can use to set up a Zap (a workflow) in Zapier:

  • Return Created (Return webhook payload)
  • Label Created (Label webhook payload)
  • Label Updated (Label webhook payload)

The data sent through on each of these triggers is the same as what you'll find in our Return webhook and Label webhook.

Other apps can also trigger 4 actions in Loop:

  • Process Return
  • Flag Return - this moves a return into the Needs Review state
  • Cancel Return
  • Close Return


Merchants will need Loop Plus or the Loop Integrations Add-On, as well as a Zapier plan.

While Zapier does offer a free plan, but since Zapier charges both by number of flows, and how many times those flows are run, we expect most merchants to need a Starter or Professional Zapier account. Volume will be dependent on return volume.

Zapier's pricing can be found here.


What kind of apps are on Zapier that merchants can connect with? So many! Gmail, Slack, Hubspot, Zendesk, MailChimp, Trello, you name it. It all comes down to what specific use case you're trying to achieve with Loop return data. You can find a full list of e-commerce specific apps on Zapier here.

I'm seeing a number of apps on here that Loop already integrates with - aren't these redundant? Think of Zaps as "lightweight" versions of integrations. While several of our existing integrations can be mimicked in Zapier, the integrations we build out in-house are generally deeper and have more functionality. Klaviyo, for example, can be recreated in Zapier. While the Zapier version would be limited to the 3 trigger events listed above, Loop's direct integration to Klaviyo has over a dozen trigger events that merchants can use.

Can I connect more than one Loop instance to Zapier? Yes, though we recommend connecting any other instances beyond your first in an incognito window or in a separate browser. Zapier's authentication flow remembers log ins, so there's no easy way to authenticate a second instance unless you're in incognito mode.

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