Buy In-store, Return Online


Allow in-store purchases to be returned online via your Loop admins portal! 


In order for this feature to work, you must collect email or phone number at the time of purchase. Setup is super simple. Head to your General Settings tab in your Loop Admin. Click the check box next to email and/or phone number (this will be based off of what information you collect at checkout). Don't forget to hit save!


Customers will see the option to enter their zip code, phone number, or email address (based on your settings) to submit their return. 

The customer will then be prompted to enter their shipping information. 

Once submitted, the return flow is the exact same!


Inventory will be restocked to the location that fulfilled the item. If your preference is to restock back to your default location (this would be the destination setup within your return policy), reach out to or your Onboarding Specialist and we can make this update!


What happens if a merchant does not collect email or phone number at the time of purchase? Unfortunately, this is an essential piece of data for this functionality to work. The missing data would result in an unsuccessful lookup for the customer and would need to be handled manually.

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