ZenDesk Help Desk Integration


Loop's Zendesk Help Desk integration will enable any merchant who leverages Zendesk as a CX tool to more easily view returns information within their workflow and action it to resolve support tickets. 

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Why it matters

Loop merchants get thousands of customer support requests every single week and a significant proportion of those inquiries relate to returns. By putting Loop data directly in the support platform your CX reps are using every day, this app helps drive team efficiency and enables quicker issue resolution for consumers. This will lead to a faster time-to-close and a better experience for your customers. 


The Loop Zendesk app is available in the Zendesk Marketplace. It can be searched for and installed by an admin of your team's Zendesk instance. The following Zendesk article covers steps to access, locate and install apps within their marketplace. 

How It Works

The app, once installed and logged into, allows any rep to view a customer's Loop return history from directly within the sidebar of the Zendesk ticket view. 

The app will appear in a few different locations in Zendesk, but the most common one will be the  Ticket view. Here's an example of a Ticket. Note the Loop Returns app in the sidebar! 

From here a rep can see high-level return info (e.g. date the return was submitted, the status of returns, the items that were returned). 

If needed, reps can link directly to the return in the Loop admin without manually searching for the return themselves. 


What plan do I need to be on to utilize this feature? This feature is included for merchants with Loop Plus or the Integrations add on. If you are not on one of these plans and would like to add this feature reach out to your Merchant Success Manager or support@loopreturns.com.

Regarding role or group restrictions, are we able to edit (add/remove users) this after the install? Yes, in the app settings you can enable/disable the restrictions or change the role or groups that are allowed to use it.

Are agents automatically logged in to Loop Returns? Agents will still need to login to Loop before they can start using the app. This is to ensure only the right individuals can access Loop, even if they have access to the Zendesk app.

Need help? Contact us at support@loopreturns.com. 

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