Attentive Integration


Connect Loop to your Attentive account and engage high-value customers throughout the returns experience with relevant and timely SMS messages. Build customer intimacy and stronger relationships with proactive communication, and drive revenue through a superior returns experience, making your returns a core part of your business model.

With this integration, you can trigger custom journeys based on return events. 

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To activate the Attentive integration, you will need to be on a Loop Plus plan, or have the Integrations add-on. If you are on Loop Plus or have the Integrations add-on, follow the instructions below.

If you would like to use the Attentive integration but do not have either of those Loop plans, please email your Merchant Success Manager for more information on upgrading. 

Don't know who your Merchant Success Manager is? Reach out to

Set up the integration

  1. Sign in to your Loop admin account.
  2. Navigate to the Integrations page in the right menu (under the Settings heading). Note: If you don't see Attentive as an available integration, please reach out to Loop support to have it enabled.
  3. If Loop and Attentive aren’t already connected, click the Attentive integration’s toggle to switch it on. You will be redirected to your Attentive account.
  4. Click Authorize. You’re taken back to Loop, where you’ll see the toggle enabled. Your Loop account is now connected to Attentive, and Loop will immediately begin sending custom return events to Attentive. 

Note that each return event is created on the first instance that the event is received from Loop, so it may take up to 24 hours for all Loop events to be listed in Attentive.

Use custom events in Journeys

After the integration is connected, you can create a custom journey in Attentive using the custom events from Loop. The following is a list of the available custom events for the journey:

Event Description
Loop Return Created A new return was submitted in the Returns Portal
Loop Return Status Updated A return has been updated (e.g. state has changed from “open” to “closed”)
Loop Label Created A shipping label has been created via EasyPost (or other shipping service)
Loop Label Updated A shipping label has been updated (e.g. status has changed from “new” to “in transit”)
Loop Exchange Out Of Stock An item from the exchange order is out of stock
Loop Out Of Stock Resolved An item in the return has been restocked in Shopify
Loop Return Expiring When a return is 21 days old but has not yet been shipped (7 days until expiry)
Loop Return Expired When a return is 28 days old but has not been shipped (label is expired) 
Loop Instant Exchange Reminder When an instant exchange is 7 days old but has not yet been shipped
Loop Instant Exchange Notice When an instant exchange is 1 day away from charging the customers card due to it not being shipped
Loop Payment Transaction When we take a customer payment via Stripe during a Shop Now transaction
Loop Refund Transaction When we refund a customer's Stripe payment following a return of an exchange

All events are sent with a return payload containing the following data:

Field Description Type  The customer's phone number string The customer's email address string
properties.returnId Loop Generated RMA# integer
properties.returnStatus Current Return Status: (open, closed, canceled, expired) string
properties.order Original Order Name string
properties.statusPageUrl Return Status Page URL string
properties.labelsEnabled Whether labels were enabled for this return
properties.label A link to download the label
properties.trackingNumber The tracking number for the label
properties.trackingUrl A link to the package's tracking page (We recommend
using the Return Status Page instead.)
properties.trackingStatus Current transit status of the return package: (new, 
pre_transit, in_transit, out_for_delivery, delivered,
canceled, unknown)
properties.trackingCarrier The name of the carrier that issued the label string
properties.returnOutcome The outcome of the return: (exchange, upsell, refund,
credit, exchange+refund, exchange+credit)
properties.outOfStockOutcome The outcome of an Out of Stock event (only present
on relevant events): [credit, refund]

Recommended Journeys

To get started, we've documented how you can set up transactional messages in Attentive (Link:


Will I need a developer involved to complete this integration? Not at all! 

How do I get started? To begin the integration process, please contact your Onboarding and/or Merchant Success Manager. If you're already live, please reach out to

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