Creating a Custom Domain for Your Returns Portal


By default, Loop Returns Portal URLs are formatted as Merchants on Loop's Advanced or Usage Essential plans have the option to create a new CNAME record to update their Loop Returns Portal URL to a customized URL. If you would like to leverage creating a custom domain for your Loop Returns Portal so the URL reads, you will need access to your DNS provider to create a new CNAME record.

Creating and Activating a New CNAME Record

  1.  Log in to your DNS provider
  2. Create a new CNAME record
  3. Set the Host to: returns
  4. Set the Points to:  
    1. "Brandname" is a placeholder for your brand's name (i.e., STANDARDWEAR), this is the URL that was set up when you first installed Loop to your Shopify store (i.e.,
  5. Update the TTL (time to live) field to the shortest time period option. Wait the appropriate time period (this is usually about 15-30 minutes) for this change to set. 
  6. Confirm the new subdomain is active by going to
  7. At, enter your full returns portal URL that you just created (i.e.,
  8. You should see appear as the 'Canonical Name'
  9. Once this is confirmed, activate your custom domain in your Loop Admin by going to Settings > General > Custom Domain and updating the field accordingly

To confirm your Returns Portal URL has updated to your new Custom Domain, launch your Returns Portal from the lower left hand menu of your admin. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Onboarding Specialist or 


How do I know what my default returns portal URL is? This is the URL that was set up when you first installed Loop to your Shopify store. You can launch your returns portal from your Loop admin to view the URL by selecting "Returns Portal" in the lower lefthand corner of your Loop admin.

Is it possible to set up multiple subdomains for my returns portal? No, this is not currently supported.

Why is a '#' appearing at the end of my returns portal URL and how do I remove it? The framework that Loop uses for the front-end uses a technology called "Hash Mode" to simulate a full URL so the page won't reload when the URL changes. This allows Loop to provide a seamless Single-Page-Application while still allowing deep-linking into our application for more advanced features. This cannot be removed at this time.

After setting up my custom domain, I launched my returns portal and I am getting an unsecured website error. What should I do? First confirm that your new URL doesn't have any typos in it. If not, there is a rare chance that you are using a Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) DNS record to specify which certificate authorities may issue certificates for your domain. If so, you will need to add to your existing CAA record. Please see this document for more information: If that does not resolve the issue, please reach out to your Onboarding Specialist or for assistance.

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