Loop Billing with Ordway


Loop uses Ordway Labs, a billing & revenue platform, to generate invoices and collect payment from our merchants.

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1. Within one business day of contract signature, you will receive an email from Ordway Labs. This email will be sent to the billing contact listed on the contract. Here is an example of the email you will receive:

2. The billing contact should fill this information out immediately, as you cannot move into onboarding until a payment method is on file. The billing contact can choose to add credit card details or ACH bank transfer details. Please note that ACH is only available to/from US bank accounts. 

Instant ACH verification is preferred (fast & easy!), and a walk-through of that flow can be found here. If you choose to verify manually, you will be required to return to Ordway later on to add in the amounts of the microdeposits to finish the verification process.

3. Once a valid payment method has been provided, an Onboarding Manager will be assigned and an introduction will be made between your Account Executive and Onboarding Manager.

4. At this stage, the subscription will be activated, and you will be auto-charged per the effective date of your agreement. Emails are sent to the billing contact upon each successful payment processing. Contacts will also be notified of a failed payment with a link to confirm/update preferred payment method.

Payment Management

In the Ordway Labs customer portal, you can view/download invoices, review payment history, or update your default payment method. 

Note: a billing contact cannot change their name, phone, address, or email from within the portal. Please email billing@loopreturns.com for assistance.

To change your payment information:

Log in to the Ordway Labs <> Loop customer portal here.

If you have not yet been invited to register for the portal, or your registration link has expired, reach out to billing@loopreturns.com or your MSM directly for a new invitation. Note, for security purposes the registration link is only valid for 72 hours.

Navigate to the top right hand corner Account icon and select My account.

In the bottom right-hand corner, select Add payment method.

You can choose to add a debit/credit card or ACH banking transfer information.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to toggle on “Set as default” at the very bottom to ensure this carries over to our billing system.

If you have any issues, reach out to billing@loopreturns.com.

To add a user:

Please send message with first/last name and email address to billing@loopreturns.com, support@loopreturns.com, or your Account Manager. If your portal link expired, please email us and we can send a new link. 

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