The Reimbursements feature allows you to save time by automating reimbursements for duties and shipping directly within Loop and deliver a more seamless experience to your customers.

When this feature is enabled, you have the option, right in your return policy, to choose whether or not customers will be reimbursed for duties and/or shipping on refund and/or store credit outcomes. 

You can also choose to set a time window from date of fulfillment from which to enable this functionality. For example, refund shipping if submitted within 14 days of purchase

Customers are then given clear visibility into duties and/or shipping refunds in the totals section on the review page and return status page


Does a merchant have to use Shopify's native duties functionality for this to work properly?

Yes, this feature requires a merchant to leverage Shopify's native functionality for capturing duties

What happens when a customer only returns part of an order but is entitled to a duty and shipping refund?

All refunds are issued proportionally. A customer will receive a refund for the for the amount of duty and/or shipping for the products being returned in comparison to the entire order.

Can a merchant set a time window based on the date the customer received the item?

Unfortunately, Loop does not have the ability to capture this date. Time windows are based on fulfillment date. Merchants wishing to target the date of receipt must add a buffer to this date to get a close as possible.

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