Workflows: Tiers and Functionality

Workflows are available on a tiered system (basic, intermediate, and advanced), some conditions and actions can be configured with all plans, but some are only eligible on specific Loop plans or with the Custom Rules Add-on. If you see a condition or action in your Workflows with a lock symbol next to it, please reference the charts below to see which plan(s) that condition or action is available on.

Tip: If you'd like to learn more about general functionality, please review the main Workflows article and the Workflows Use Cases article. 

In this article:

Conditions available by Workflow tier

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Customer Bonus credit total

Failed payments

Keep items count

Number of orders

Partial return credit count

Return Count


Order Country



Return count


Total Value
Product ID

Return reason




Return Item count



Total value

Actions available by Workflow tier

Action Basic Intermediate Advanced
Disable Label
Exchange Shipping Method
Exclude Outcomes
Exclude return methods
Handling fees
Keep Item / Donate
Manual Review / Reject Item
Partial Return Credit
Processing Event
Return window
Shop Now Bonus Credit

Store Credit Incentive

Workflow Templates available by Workflow tier

Template Basic Intermediate Advanced
Ask a question / Image upload
Conditional outcomes

Workflow Tiers available by Loop Plan

  • Basic Workflows are available on:
    • Flat Rate Starter
    • Usage Based Starter
    • Flat Rate Essential (no add-on necessary)
    • Flat Rate Advanced (no add-on necessary)
    • Basic
  • Intermediate Workflows are available on:
    • Usage Based Essential
  • Advanced Workflows are available on:
    • Usage Based Advanced
    • Flat Rate Essential + Custom Rules add-on
    • Flat Rate Advanced + Custom Rules add-on
    • Pro
    • Plus

Note: If you're interested in upgrading to a higher Workflows tier, please contact your Merchant Success Manager to make an amendment to your account.

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