Enable Carrier Accounts by Return Policy


Loop has now added the functionality to associate a specific carrier account to a return policy based on location and other criteria.

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  • Enable Carrier Accounts Globally
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Why it matters

For merchants using EasyPost, there are two options for enabling your carrier accounts in your Loop admin to create return labels with. Traditionally, carrier accounts enabled in the Shipping tab have been applied globally across Return Policies. Now, you can attach a carrier to a return policy. This ensures that you get the best shipping rates with the appropriate carriers for each of your return locations, which streamlines operations and accounting.

Here are some examples where this may be helpful:

  • I have different accounts for the same carrier which I use at different times to keep track of expenses so I need to be able to specify which account to use at the return policy level
  • I want to use a specific carrier (or service type) for international returns and another carrier for domestic

Enable Carrier Accounts Globally

Set Up Instructions

  • Once you have configured your carrier accounts within your EasyPost account and connected EasyPost to your Loop admin (please review the EasyPost Shipping Labels article), navigate to the Shipping tab within your Loop Admin
  • Select Manage Integration to review and enable all of the carriers you would like to use for return shipping labels

  • Next, navigate to the Return Policies tab and select Edit for the Return Policy you need labels to be generated for
  • Turn on the Generate labels toggle and select EasyPost under Shipping Services. EasyPost will function to shop rates across all of the carriers you have connected to EasyPost for the customers covered by this Return Policy.
  • Please see the section below if you would like to specify which carriers should be used for certain Return Policies.

Enable Carrier Accounts by Return Policy

Setup Instructions

  1. First, review the EasyPost Shipping Labels article to ensure the merchant has a) configured carrier accounts as needed within its EasyPost account and b) connected EasyPost to the Loop admin.
  2. Go to Loop admin > Return Policies.
  3. Click Edit for the return policy needing label generation.
  4. Click on the Generate Labels toggle, then click Manage shipping services for the EasyPost Shipping Services option.

    Generate Labels toggled on with Manage Shipping Services button visible for EasyPost.

    Note: There should be a list of all the merchant's available carrier accounts underneath EasyPost on this page. The above example is from a test account and does not have a list.

  5. Click Manage Carrier Account.
  6. Select the carrier account(s) the merchant wants to activate for this specific return policy. Leave all other carrier accounts unchecked.

    Note: If the merchant checks multiple accounts, EasyPost will use rate shopping.

  7. Click Save after making any changes.


Does this work with other shipping services? No, this only works with EasyPost.

What if one of my accounts is not showing up? In your Loop admin, navigate to Settings > Shipping and this should refresh your accounts. Make sure you are using EasyPost and the correct carriers are enabled in your Shipping tab.

I have other questions about setting up my carriers in EasyPost, where can I find more information? Please review the EasyPost Shipping Labels article for a helpful walkthrough video, as well as some important FAQ.

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