Release Notes: May 2023

Release Notes provides updates on new features and fixes and improvements Loop released in the past month.

In this article—

New Releases

  • Loop Point-of-Sale
  • Veho At-Home Pickup
  • Shipping Label Customizations

Fixes + Improvements

  • Packing Slips Update
  • Instant Exchanges Fixes
  • Happy Returns Bag ID Update

New Features

Loop Point-of-Sale

Leverage Loop Point of Sale (POS) iOS app to streamline order management and facilitate a hassle-free return and exchange experience in-store.

  • Retain more revenue and capture upsell with easy exchanges, including gift returns
  • Streamlined order management and flexible restocking to save time
  • Save money on label costs and reverse logistics -Increase foot traffic with start online, drop-off in-store QR codes
  • Aggregate returns data from online and in-store Let online shoppers fall in love with your brand IRL with Loop POS.

Loop POS only works on iOS devices and best complements Shopify POS.

Point of Sale (POS) iOS app, for any merchants on Advanced, Plus or Pro or interested in upgrading to Advanced.

To learn more information, please visit the Loop Point-of-Sale article.

Veho At-Home Pickup

Loop x Veho are excited to announce that at-home pickups are now in GA! This feature allows merchants to offer their shoppers the convenience of an at-home pickup return with no change to their return costs or operations.


  • Improved customer experience with printerless and packageless at-home pickups
  • Faster delivery back to your warehouse as consumers don’t need to delay dropping off returns
  • No change to your costs or operations, since Veho uses your existing shipping carriers and processes

Highlights from Beta:

  • 60% consumer adoption rate where customers paid for pickup
  • 98% on-time pickup rate
  • 4.96/5 CSAT

Access to at-home pickups are available to all Loop plans except Starter plans.

To learn more and get started with Veho, please review the At-home Pickups by Veho article.

Negotiated Rates

Loop is excited to offer new Loop-specific negotiated rates with USPS and FedEx. You can use these rates to reduce the cost of returns, which allows you to save additional money while offering a seamless customer experience with automatically generated return shipping labels.


  • Save up to 15% on Parcel Select Ground rates
  • Loop's USPS rates automatically apply, so no additional setup needed


  • Whether you have an account through FedEx, or via EasyPost – Loop has pre-negotiated rates for you! Save 25-50% on standard FedEx rates.
  • Reach out to your Account Manager or to apply for FedEx negotiated rates

To learn more, please review the EasyPost Negotiated Rates article.

Shipping Label Customizations

Shipping label customizations allow you to configure custom values printed on labels, such as the Return ID or Order ID. These values ensure that your warehouse teams have the necessary information available on labels to quickly look up and process returns. Label Customizations are configurable within your Loop Admin for all major carriers under Settings > Shipping.

This new feature is available on all Loop plans for accounts using EasyPost for shipping label generation.

If you are unable to generate the customizations needed, please reach out to for assistance.

To learn more, please review the Shipping Label Customizations article.

Fixes + Improvements

Packing Slips

The packing slip link is now adjacent to the "Print return label" or QR code on the return status page! Previously the packing slip was below the fold which caused some customers to miss printing this document with their return.

Instant Exchanges (IX) Updates

We've made a host of improvements/fixes to our instant exchange functionality, including:

  • Ensure returns with not returning items (full keep) are not triggering the IX authorization
  • Ensure returns with exchange creation failures are flagged and sent to Needs Review
  • Resolved issue in which IX returns were re-opening after being processed
  • Resolved issue that prevented the "Instant exchange released successfully" note from populating in the timeline
  • When an instant exchange is created, which processes the new exchange order immediately, Loop will no longer display the edit address module on the return confirmation page.

Happy Returns Bag ID

Happy Returns now include the Happy Returns RMA ID and the Return bag barcode values on the return page in the Loop admin to help with identification and troubleshooting. Please note that the Return bag barcode is only available after Happy Returns creates the outbound shipment at their consolidation hubs, so the field may be empty until then.

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