Release Notes: August 2023

Fixes & Improvements

Discount Distribution Settings

Earlier this month, we introduced new settings that enable you to configure your ideal discount distribution behaviors within the Loop Admin to best fit your discount types and promotional strategies.

As part of this release, we mapped your existing discount distribution behaviors directly to the new settings. This update provides you with better visibility into how different types of discounts are distributed within the returns flow and allows you to self-serve any changes to these behaviors going forward, giving you more flexibility ahead of the holiday season.

To learn more, please review the Loop and Shopify Discounts Handling article.

Point-of-Sale Updates

Recently, Loop has made the following updates to the POS experience—

  • Gift Returns: gift returns flow allows gift recipients to exchange or receive a gift card without notifying the gifter

  • Cash Refunds: When the original payment method is cash, cash refunds can be completed if you are able to manually open the cash drawer(s) at your store location(s)
    • Please as your Merchant Success Manager to enable this feature for you
  • Original Payment Method: Return Summary Page now details original payment method (example: cash, gift card, or last 4 digits of credit card)
  • Restocking:
    • Restock location selection is no longer required to complete a return if you have the “Loop restock functionality” setting switched off in the Admin
    • Restock_location_id is sent on ‘return create,’ populating relevant data through ERP/3PL integrations

To learn more, please review the Point-of-Sale article.

Portal Updates

In the interest of continually improving the customer experience, Loop has made minor UI/UX improvements and feature enhancements to the portal.

To learn more about what has changed, please review the following—

Order Lookup Page:

  • Updated the default header copy to "Choose an item to start a return or exchange"
  • The existing subheader has moved down to directly above the product list
  • A new customizable subheader has been added below the existing header "You'll have the opportunity to add more later"
  • The default ineligible item list heading copy has been updated to "Unavailable for return"
  • We've added a slight blur behind the main content to help with readability

Product Cards:

  • Added an arrow icon to the product card
  • When an item has been added to a return, the remove button has been moved from the top right to the center right

Photo Upload:

  • We've increased the number of photos that can be uploaded by a customer from one (1) to four (4), allowing for better inspection of the item

USPS HazMat Labels

USPS has new rules for shipping HazMat items, and therefore Loop has added a configurable HazMat field for USPS labels in your Loop Admin. This label customization adds the necessary content onto your shipping labels to tag shipments as HazMat and maintain compliance with USPS.

This is available to all Loop merchants using EasyPost as their shipping service. If you ship items that classify as HazMat, learn more about how to set this configuration up here.

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